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    Guest Suggestions

    Bill Duke Jessie Ventura
  2. big nasty

    Steven Berkoff

    I hardly ever post on here, mainly because the admin seem to not appreciate any viewpoint which has a negative edge to it. I've been attending conventions for 10 years and spend £1000s on meeting the guests. I can not think of another industry or service where you would pay a minimum of £15 for 30-60 seconds of someone's time, yet in most cases feel deflated. Yes it's my own fault that I spend my money on autographs but in my opinion these conventions have become far too big and the money changing hands is getting ridiculous. I paid £75 for 3 autographs from a guest this year... Basically 60 seconds of his time, only to be looked at like I was asking far too much when I politly asked him if he could write his characters name under the signature... At about £1 per second I didnt think this was too much to be honest! With people like Mr Berkoff I expect nothing less, and to be honest, these days it's happening a lot more. Despite paying money for a service, we get made to feel like we should be privileged to meet them! If people accept bad service then this will continue and I am as guilty as most.... The line "he was so nice....." - well he/she should be at the prices they charge! If someone paid me £100 to have a photo with them i would through in a little dance and smile as much as they wanted! I spent about £250 on autographs from Ralph Machio a few years ago... He was very humble and when I asked for a selfie he said "I'm not supposed to but sure"... Showmaster staff said "your not supposed to" to which he replied .. "Hey the guys just spent £250!!!!!" - this is how it should be! Gone are the days when most would let you take selfies at the table and that nearly all the guests were £15.... Business is business.
  3. big nasty

    Paint Pens

    I buy mine from tigerpens online ... Blue uni paint pens are good.
  4. big nasty

    Christoper McDonald

    Would be a great guest
  5. big nasty

    Action movie

    Can't we get some more action movie guests? The majority of the guests always seem to be game of thrones, dr who, star wars, star trek etc. I'm sure there are some people who would pay for mad max, rambo, schwarzanegger movie guests etc For example, the likes of Bill duke Jesse Ventura Bruce spence Vernon wells
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    Guest suggestions

  7. big nasty

    Guest announcement Michael Cochrane

    I know Michael plays Farrell in the movie escape to victory but what does the character do in the film, watched it loads but can't recall him having a speaking role in the film. Any info?
  8. big nasty

    Where was Paul Barber?

    Any event organisers have a duty to inform people if cancellations occur.....a quick upload to the forum would have taken 2 minuets .
  9. big nasty

    Where was Paul Barber?

    I'm going to put a formal complaint to showmasters
  10. big nasty

    Where was Paul Barber?

    Well the staff told me they only found out he had canceled this morning....gonna be gutted if they knew Saturday and didnt bother informing people
  11. big nasty

    Where was Paul Barber?

    I totally agree.... I only traveled to meet Paul to get my full monty poster signed - a 260 mile round trip!! I checked the website before i left home and when i got half way so that i wouldnt have a wasted journey. Cant believe when i asked a staff member why the website hadnt been updated she said it was becasue "It was short notice...but...the rest of the cast have turned up..You could still get their autographs" ...im sure Trigger, boycie and Micky Pierce werent in the Full Monty..unless there was a deleted scene i missed!!! His cancelation is still not on the website now!!!! I realise cancelations cannot be helped but surely showmasters should take some resposibility to inform people if guests have canceled...would have saved me a fortune in petrol costs. What more can you do other than check the website before you leave. Really disappointed!
  12. big nasty

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    someone who hasnt been over to the UK for ages - a nice recluse!!!! please not another star wars guest - they are sending me over the edge!!!!!!
  13. big nasty

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Met Kiefer already - the guy is just toooo nice!!!!! Emilio Estevez would blow me away!!!
  14. big nasty

    Amazing Guest Announcement coming soon!

    Bill duke or Jesse ventura????
  15. big nasty

    Autograph messages

    Think i can blow you all away with this quote from Paul McGann "Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, and for once I'm inclined to believe Withnail is right. We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell". Took him ages but looks great on the poster!!!