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  1. domino


    Piper is definitely my favourite! I was lucky enough to meet Holly, Shannen and Brian through LFCC; hopefully I can meet the others at some point too :)
  2. I'm loving the new season!
  3. My apologies, I am still half asleep and must have glanced over that :/ Thank you though!
  4. I have number 69 for Holly Marie Combs' shoot on Saturday but if I miss it (because of clashes and the time I actually arrive), would I be able to get in the afternoon shoot?
  5. Oh My God! I just saw this announced on twitter and decided that I am definitely coming now! Leven was swaying me but Lena has decided it! Cannot wait
  6. Awesome! A Hunger Games and Grey's guest! I may have to come to this now
  7. Excellent! I'm off to buy the tickets now Thankyou both for your replies!
  8. If you purchase a Standard ticket and the photo shoots are earlier, would you be able to arrive earlier? If so then you can upgrade your entry ticket to the Early Bird option on the day and enter earlier. I should be able to get there earlier once I know for sure if they are earlier. Would I definately be able to upgrade on the day then? Also thanks for your speedy reply :)
  9. I am ridiculously excited!! Piper is my favourite sister! I really cannot wait to meet Holly and get a photoshoot :D:D
  10. Oh my goodness I loved meeting Brian the last time he was here! May be getting another photoshoot
  11. I want to get a photshoot with Holly and possibly Brian on saturday, but I won't get to lfcc until 11ish so will be buying the standard ticket as opposed to Early Bird - what are the chances of their photoshoots being before 11am and if they were how would I get them if I only have a standard ticket?
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