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  1. When it was asked at ET8 how people felt, it should have been put to a vote on here and not down to cheers on the day. Alot of people wernt happy with the announcment at all as they had spent all their money already on 'the last ever et' and knew that it would be impossible for them to attend. Its a shame its gonna go out like this, rather than with a bang and lots of attendees. I will be coming in feb but am having to cut back massively in order to do it and cant buy my ticket till the saturday of the con. As already said about a yearly con, it would be much better for peoples pockets. . Mr Bewley always increases ticket sales :) lol
  2. No not all of us wanted more. A lot of us feel taken for fools....
  3. Is there no way gold drinks can be pushed back? It's very early! Will have to miss the auction to get ready. Or have to get ready for party after the gold drinks reception after all that free wine? Then waiting an hour for the party to start. Not good The gold drinks is my fave bit of the whole weekend. It would be nice to get a chance to dress up abit before hand without missing anything. I'm assuming its this time so the meal at auction won't be late?
  4. Ohh and also loved AH's random little gig and Q&A (free) on the Sunday! Was brilliant :)
  5. Glad to say that the whole BO situation seemed fine on Sunday, glad I wasn't there Saturday now lol Loved how friendly the guests where this year, the queue to get in was long, but fast moving so no issue there. I actually have my eyes open in every single photo this year for a change lol great to see that most stars were willing to have over the table photos this year. I paid for 3 photo shoots but was nice for my mum to get her picture with Kevin Sorbo too while I collected my auto later that day. Over all great day and much prefered the venue. Down side and I say it everytime is photo collection. Is it really that hard to make it mandatory that ALL CREW WEAR GLOVES at the collection table? I saw alot of fresh faces handing out pictures now complete with extra finger prints..... Also if there was maybe smaller lower tables or rope acting as a barrier to the table with photos on (does that even make sense lol) so people are far enough away that photos aren't knocked off with bags, and people accidentally leaning on other people's photos on the table.
  6. Thanks for the advice :) fingers crossed I make it in time!
  7. I hope so coz different sites say diff things, now the guy on the phone has said theirs a shuttle from earls court instead :S I wouldnt mind usually but my photo I'm going for is at half 9
  8. Sorry guys and girls, last minute panic here. Olympia saying is showing as shut? How have people been getting there this weekend? Best route? Coming in from upminster :S
  9. I have to say after 5 cons now I still get disappointed when I dnt see Ben Linus from Lost wondering around the hotel lol
  10. If you book online u wont find out till u get your registration letter in the post, which is usually a week before the con :)
  11. It's all strange, having got ur email back confirming that it's ur ticket you can relax, but you would think the other girl saying u have the same ticket would be worried now... But the posts on fb dnt suggest that. Then someone pipes up with they have been sold 4 times over.... It's all rather odd & confusing.
  12. He needs to be there, he has been my fave guest ever since proms :) That being said tho it would be great to not have the drama that sometimes follows him....Especially as it's the last one ever!
  13. I hope the high and mighty bit was not referring to my post lol I'm not even getting into the whol bigger better promises debate, or about them being official etc as I have in the past expressed my upset over those issues already. I was simply referring to the photo issue. I unfortnetly paid for a gold, wish I only had standard myself. And I also do not go to the con for my friends, i completely agree. I pay to see guests. So I know exactly why everyone is so angry. D day is here now tho so I'm not gonna let it make me angry... It's too late to change anything.
  14. Gold & silver have paid for autos and photos for people who will not be there.....And that is what the photo is being given for, not simply because he won't be there. Standard is exactly that, standard. So no I dnt see why they should get a free group photo. If they wanted photos included then they should have bought a standard where they are included in the price... Otherwise it's like saying the only difference between standard or silver is a bloody bag! Lol
  15. Oh have I missed it coming back after it's break?
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