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  1. Hope you are all enjoying/enjoyed it. Missed the last few for various reasons & had hoped to go to this one, but being smack in the middle of buying a new gaff & having weekend dog minding duties sprung on me on Thursday (even if he is a cutie) meant I had to drop plans. Maybe we can resurrect Hub in a year or two as an occasional con, as its too good to let fade away.
  2. Kosh

    Next one?

    Theres a nice Holiday Inn in the centre of Birmingham, not far from New St Station. Bad Wolf was held there back in 07.
  3. Just want to say, I found Matthew a fastinating speaker during his talk, & great company as well. Bring him back sometime.
  4. Kosh


    I had a good time as well. Kudos to derek for having the idea of the workshops as well. Thought that was a good idea.
  5. Unfortunately had to miss Hub 4 (as well as Hub 3) but I do intend to do Hub 5 - although it will be a moth at the earliest before I can think about booking. What I will say Jase, about booking, is think big! Get someone lie (or exactly) James Masters & the bookings will flow in! More bookings mean more money. SAee you then! (Christ I'm drunk!)
  6. Kosh

    Costume help

    I drink so much coffee I probably smell of it naturally. Can't decide whether or not that's a bad thing. Not a good thing. Definitely.
  7. Kosh

    80s Music

    Well naxt Hub, If I'm available I'll bring some stuff down.
  8. Kosh

    80s Music

    Never, I'd change your sig to '*shakes fist* Barrowman...' if I were you. *Fists* Barrowman has some rather unfortunate conotations don't you agree?
  9. Kosh

    Just for you

    Never I think it's the tune of "Daddy's taking us to the Zoo tomorrow, Zoo tomorrow, Zoo tomorrow, Daddy's taking us to the Zoo tomorrow, we can stay all day" Or maybe I've had too much wine Good luck with the promotion - let us know how you get on. Thats the tune. And if Forest lose & we win on Saturday, we'll win promotion. You'll probably be able to hear me from down in Northampton!
  10. Kosh

    Just for you

    Thanks PV. It just came too early taking everything to account. Thems the breaks. I'll have to content myself with hopefully achieving promotion on Saturday. Might be for the best though, if I got confirmation during the final panel I'd probably jump up & down & start cheering! I'd have to end up buying a lot of drinks to make up for disrupting things. Have a good time & let me know if Kai wears his 'Cobra Kai' t-shirt. Now get singing young lady...
  11. Kosh

    Just for you

    It was a kiddies song.
  12. Kosh

    Just for you

    Hi. I'm not going to the Hub 4 this year (though hope to make Hub 5) due to a combination of circumstances, namely having been off work through illness since mid-October (though I start back again on Monday) so nothings been coming in, having to replace my boiler & central heating in January (costly) & lending a friend a large amount of money on the proviso that he was able to pay me back within a week - needless to say he wasn't able & didn't & now because he doesn't like confrontation, he's gone AWOL dropping me right in it with my bank! However, just because I won't be able to go doesn't mean I won't be there in spirit so just for you I've come up with a little song to get you in the mood & drive you batty tonight. To the tune of 'We're all going to the zoo tomorrow', it goes: # We're all going to The Hub tomorrow, Hub tomorrow, Hub tomorrow, We're all going to The Hub tomorrow And stay all weekend... # This will get in your heads tonight & I suspect that the next time you see me some of you will want to do this to me You're welcome... Dave (Bob to Roxy)
  13. I'm sorry to hear that Julie. I am not going to this so I won't get to see you & Chris but I hope your health improves soon so I get to see the two of you sometime. Say hello to Chris for me & take care of yourself. Dave
  14. Kosh

    80s Music

    It's a shame I'm not coming as I'd have brought my collection of 80's music down for the DJ to use as he wished - & believe me, the collection is VERY extensive.
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