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  1. Hi Stargate geek emily at Event City Manchester this Weekend 30th/31st May where the ShowMaster Film and Comic Con is being held, Its also National Pokemon Championships for Fans of Pokemon have a look at the Website as there is an email address on the bottom of the Info. You may just find people to Swap with through this Event, hope this helps. Julie-t
  2. Thank you for the quick reply WoW that's amazing getting the Photo' so quick, a few Conventions we have been to have said come back in about 3hrs. Or they take your Email address and you wait for ever. Thank You Julie-t
  3. Hi Everyone can anyone from ShowMasters or any Regular Attendees let me know once you have had your Photo Shoot taken with a Guest will it be given to you on the same day, and if it is given on the same day how long is the wait time. I am attending both days at Manchester and have 5 photo shoots booked, so this is why i need to know if you can collect them or if they are Emailed. Would appreciate any advice about this, Thank You. Julie-t
  4. Hi Everyone This is our First time Attending Event City and this Film and Comic Con, Does anyone know if Food and Hot Beverages are available inside the Event City Venue and what sort of Food they have ?. And the prices they charge? I know a lot of people will say the Trafford Centre is close by but unfortunately I have Mobility issues and do not Drive, so leaving the Venue is not an option for me unfortunately. My Hotel have offered the use of there Fridge if I wish to bring my own Food for Lunches on Saturday and Sunday, but I was just interested in what the Venue had to Offer to see if I needed to shop for food for Lunches. I would appreciate any advice from Attendees about this posting, Thank You Julie-t
  5. Hi Too Tall Am I Puddle Brained reading the new revised list of Photo and Talks correctly or have I lost the plot, on Saturday morning it states that Craig Charles Photo Shoot is 10.40am to 10.45am (5 mins?) then Camille Coduri is 11.40am to 11.50am (10 mins?) and Jeremy Bulloch is 12 O'clock to 12.05pm (5 mins?) . WoW that's a really quick photographer. If you are Disabled and cannot walk quickly it doesn't seem a great deal of time to get too that area especially if you are wandering around the site or perhaps wanting to be in a talk, I know my Disabled Son has photo tickets for Craig, Camille and Jeremy on Saturday but he wanted to sit in to listen to Craig Charles talk too . But that now seems impossible too do because of timing's. As Camille and Jeremy are doing there Photo Shoot (Camille) 5 mins before the Craig Charles talk starts and Jeremys is 5mins before it ends for 5 mins, so that means missing the Talk altogether, I know you have too work with the Actors and juggle there schedule but 5 and 10 mins for a Photo Shoot doesn't seem very long to me. Can you confirm the times Quoted are correct please, I am not trying to be annoying I promise just need to be able to explain to someone with Autism there day may have too change, and would rather do that now at Home than have a melt down on the day. Thank You Julie-T
  6. Will there be any plans to do a Star Wars Group Photo shoot with having 11 Star Wars guests and a Doctor Who group photo shoot with having 8 Guests and if so what would be the cost for Each Group Photo shoot?, this would be a Major opportunity for all attendees who love Star Wars and Doctor Who. I once paid £85 for a complete Torchwood group photo all 6 actors plus Freema Agyeman and Tom Price and it is one of the most amazing photo's of my Son's collection, and there where over 200 people queuing for this opportunity. I hope you don't mind me asking because I would like to budget if this type of photo shoot is available. Thank You. Julie- t
  7. Hi Bandcat , I contacted Showmasters as Myself and my Son are both Disabled with Mobility issues and other health issues, they were extremely helpful to me and emailed me a list of ways they can help. So if you haven't contacted them I would highly recommend you do now while there is time, they can help with Carers Entry, Queues Inside and with Talks, and it also mentions if you go to the organiser's Booth and present the email that has been sent to you they can provide you with an Extra Help Voucher. Which means you wont need a Virtual Queue Ticket and it also says in my email that if you have any issues during the day your first port of call is our Pit Bosses in Red., So it really is worth getting in touch because they are more than happy to Help Disabled attendees have Fun too , Hope this helps you. Julie-t
  8. Hi my Son and I are staying at the Premier Inn at Salford Quays from Friday May 29th to Monday June 1st, We are Disabled Attendees and will be using a Taxi Saturday and Sunday morning 8.30am pick up and 5pm Return from Event City to Hotel. If anyone is staying in the Premier Inn or near that location and wishes to Taxi share to Event City please let me know, We have early Entry Tickets so need to leave by 8.30am as the journey is 20 mins from the Hotel. I have been informed it will be approx. £10 each way in a Taxi from Salford Quays to Event City, so if we get 4 more passengers it will only be £1.70p per person each way. So anyone using Public Transport that is interested please leave your Details. Thank You Julie-t
  9. Hey everyone Just a Quick reminder about Wearing your Birthday Badges so i can identify everyone who is joining in with Chris's Suprise Birthday Party Tommorow Night, Everything is Packed and ready to Transport and lets have a great time full of Fun and Laughter. This is our Final Convention with you all and its been wonderful meeting you all over the last Few Years, Thank you all for the Kindness you have given to Chris it is much appreciated by me, So lets make it a Party we wont forget and not forgetting our Group Photo to mark the Occassion. See you tommorow Night 9pm in the Party Room and lets have the Best Birthday Party Ever. Travel Safely. Julie-t
  10. This time tommorow night i will be just about to start setting up the Suprise Birthday Party for my Son Chris and all you other Superb Birthday Guys and Girls, Everything is packed and ready to transport SO BRING IT ON HUB4 HERE WE COME Yippeeeeeeeee . Start the Music DJ we are here to PARTY, PARTY, PARTY See you all tommorow travel safely. Julie-t
  11. Hey Never just to let you know the cakes were actually delivered 10 mins ago so not 4 days old as you thought, due to the fact my Kitchen floor fell in (washing machine leaked water under the floor) and i have had the workmen in and now have to wait to have a whole new floor fitted. And when i asked am i not Cool i just wanted to know why everyone else isn't Cool as we are all Torchies, And the bit about vote for me ment Group 4. This is to be our Last Convention so i want to make sure my Son has as much fun as eveyone else and thats why i have arranged this Suprise Birthday Party for him and all you other Birthday people to say Good Bye. So if i am not Cool thats fine i can deal with it, But i actually think my Son is Super Cool. Julie-t
  12. Hey What about Group 4 I am Julie-t and i am bringing the Birthday Cake and other Goodies so we have a Group Birthday Party doesn't that count, Or should i just eat everything myself maybe not. So can i have a Vote as to wether or not i am COOL for aranging everything, Or maybe you need to bribe people to get me into your Cool group as Chris is Gold 99. I don't fancy sitting in a corner with my Son surrounded by 3 Birthday Cakes, Yummy Munchies, Party Poppers and Bubbles, looking like Billy no mates so what do you think Cool or not Cool. Julie-t
  13. Hi MOONSHINE,. I have checked out Yell.com and there is a Budget Card Shop that i use in Northampton called Card Factory and its in Newland Walk 6mins from The Park Inn, Hope this helps with locating the Balloons i need. I use this company at Home all the time they are very reasonable and usually have a great choice of Balloons. I have now took Delivery of all 3 cakes and the fun part will be getting them to Northampton in one piece as i have 3 Trains to catch and not letting Chris find them. Well 2 days to go and counting see you all on Friday. Thank You again Moonshine. Julie-t Oh No just found out i am not in the Cool Group, So more cake for us
  14. Thank you Moonshine, I didn't know you were staying at the Hotel i thought you may have been at the Ibis and i didn't want you wondering were to hide them at the Park Inn, I won't ask the Hotel to hide them if you don't mind them being in your Room until around 8.30pm. I am trying to hatch a plan with a friend of mine to set things up while Chris is in the Gold Reception as long as i can get someone to keep an eye on Chris while i am not there, I am sure it will all fall into place once i get there. Once again Thank You. Julie
  15. HI New Hub Folk these conventions are not as Scary as you think we have been to everyone so far and they are so much fun you wont want to go home, Once you get through your first morning of Queues and chat to people while you wait you will find we are all a friendly bunch. So relax and enjoy yourselves and once you get your First PARTY in your system you will see how much FUN you have been missing. And be prepared to have very little sleep as it is the Rule of all Hubs that you PARTY,PARTY and PARTY somemore, See you all on Friday. Julie-t
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