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  1. This is an absolutely amazing guest, SM, thank you so much! LFACC just keeps getting better and better!
  2. YES!! Thank you so so much Showmasters! I saw him at G-Mex but am so happy for another opportunity!
  3. Oh my god. I'm actually CRYING, showmasters. Thank you SO. MUCH! <3
  4. Cardiff would be a great place to host a con. However, it's all well and good if you live in South Wales, but frankly for me, as a North Walian, it'd be faster, cheaper and easier to get to Collectormania G-Mex!!! But who am I kidding, I'm all for Collectormania CIA!
  5. Anyone would be great, lol, but in particular: John Noble, Miranda Otto, David Wenham, Dominic Monaghan, Ian Holm and Hugo Weaving. Oh, and Christopher Lee, seeing as he missed LFACC!
  6. The thing I liked least about FF? Its blatant disrespect toward the Tolkien Society (of which I'm a member), which partnered them in organising things for the event.
  7. Oh. My. Gosh. I think I had a heart-attack! This is the most amazing thing EVER!! Thank you SO much, Showmasters!!!!!
  8. Omgomgomg count me in! I swear to god, I might actually be in love with the man. *dreamy sigh*
  9. Stargate Atlantis, definitely! I'd love to see Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, David Nykl and Mitch Pileggi especially! Especially Paul and David Hewlett! :wub:
  10. Yay for the promo! I picked Carson, because he's my boyfriend. No, really.... I also ADORE Rodney and Radek though. And Caldwell.
  11. Has any here made a Stargate Atlantis costume, ever? I really want to get one done in time for LFACC, and any tips would be much appreciated! I was thinking just to do the jacket thing. As much as I'd like to do the full military gear they do, I can't afford it.
  12. David Hewlett and Paul McGillion!!!!! <3
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