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  1. Been asking for years hun! I wish I have kept an eye out even though I dont frequent cons that much any more and I missed one he was at by another con and was gutted! I hope he will do a SM con soon as they would get my money! x
  2. Saturday night I went a bit mad on the dance floor to Rage against the machine causing myself a bit of whiplash...actually i'm still in pain lol! Sharon - No more moshing!" :))
  3. Lol!! well it is a five star hotel. I think it's great they have a take out thing... we'd be up for a Pizza Party too! :)
  4. veasse

    Chevron 7.4

    Hey peeps, Any chance of a printable PDF or will we get a copy of this when we register, first time to an event like this and just want to be sure! THanks
  5. Hi All, Just wondering what people are doing food wise... I know we get breakfast which is great but i'm not sure the prices for food there plus there will be lots of us. I was looking to see if there were any supermarkets or cheaper food alternatives but there are none. Have ME or SM got some kind of cheaper rate for the restaurants at the hotel? Thanks A x
  6. Get Lou Diamond Philips to come with him, I don't watch SGU but I can't understand why people wouldn't want SGU guests it makes no sense for a SG con?!?!?! Anyhow I will welcome anyone SG1, SGA and SGU. It's about having fun and enjoying time with people who have the same interests. (disclaimer - If DGeek can't make it I wont be so jovial. So just to say any comments made above are based on the fact that David is going to be there - I hope it's a hack and people get to meet who they want! ) :)
  7. veasse


    Hey Peeps, Was just wondering what the standard guests are, as in how many? are there announcements this late on? etc. I only ask because I havent been to this type of event and I have seen on events I was thinking of going to the comment "at least ... (number) guests" Whats the score? is this it for the guests? Thanks for your patience. xx
  8. Just got ADB on Dvd and I am sooooooo Excited! I am watching this tonight!! YIPEEEE!!!
  9. Hi SM, As we are having D-Geek himself David Hewlett would you put on a showing of A Dog's Breakfast please? We cannot get it in the UK but he has done showings before and I missed them. This would be amazing... also can you ask David to bring some copies as I just can't buy it anywhere! Thanks Andrea x
  10. Yay! Glad to hear there are DeLuise fans here too but I can't think of any reason that people wouldn't! I so would
  11. I wish it would be Peter DeLuise! A girl can dream! x
  12. ARGHHH!! Hurry up pay day! I am SO excited I have been wanting to meet David For ages!!
  13. Wil Wheaton - Not going to happen because he wont fly longhaul. David Hewlett - he is just rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! David Tennant - not as rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but close! I guess a 21Jumpstreet reunion would be heaven! *sigh* Andrea x
  14. I know this is just me being dim, but it says a photoshoot and specifies that does than mean no autos? Sorry!
  15. I picked up two rooms at premier inn heathrow for 29 per night. very good and it has parking even though you have pay for it! It means we are near the tube enough but far enough outside of London to just get on the road home asap. x
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