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  1. Not sure if its been asked before but what does the family ticket cover? How many people and what ages??
  2. BAllet

    Latest guest Announcement - Chaske Spencer

    YAY!!!! Cant wait to see him again.. such a great guest!!!!!
  3. BAllet

    Hilton Parking Fees

    Where did you stay at for ET3 elain?
  4. BAllet

    next guest coming soon

    My cat Mischief..
  5. BAllet


    hmm this is hard.. 1) Peter cause he kissed my hand at the closing ceremonies 2)Kellan cause he gives the best bear hugs and made my daughters night at the closing ceremonies 3)Edi cause he embarrassed me during his takl with Gill calling mea terrible mother lol 4) Gill just cause he is Gill **** Birmingham 5) Charlie cause well just cause best moment was when Booboo let me call my son and spoke to him on the Friday party.. made my sons night..
  6. BAllet

    next guest coming soon

    I say we keep positive.. I would rather have the smaller supportive people than the bigger ones(not that I dont want to meet them too ). Some of the best times have been had with the smaller roled people.. I am happy with whomever we get!! I am really looking forward to meeting Danial!!!!!! *my rant is done now.. *
  7. BAllet

    Deluxe Twin Room Available

    what does a delux twin m,ean
  8. BAllet

    Introduce Yourself

    Name:Caralee Age (if you want to):hmm now that would be telling.. Where you are from:originally I am from Montana USA but have lived in england for the past few years.. I live in West Yorkshire just outside of Leeds.. ETs attended: every darn last one of them!!!!! and counting.. Interests:Twilight, reading, writing, sewing Attending on your own or with others: I have atteneded them all with my daughter and my son's first will be ET5 so if I can get enough money together he will be with me as well.. Pic:
  9. BAllet

    ET5 Introduction Thread

    Forum Name: Ballet Real Name: Caralee Age/Location: not/ West yorkshire Have you attended any other ET events? Yep, Et1.2.3.4 and now 5 Favourite Twi-guest? all of them!!!!!!11 Favourite other movies? Gone with the wind, All the Lord of the rings. Underworld the list goes on and on and on Favourite other books? True blood, Vampire academy, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Love At stake series, and many many many more.. Favourite TV shows? True Blood,vampire diaries, Criminal minds CSI Favourite Actors/Actresses? Other interests: Something interesting about yourself: hum nothing to say Most likely to be found on? facebook What are you most looking forward to at ET5? Have fun and meeting people I will be joined by my daugher Sumayyah who has been to all I have and for his first time my son Riyaz..
  10. BAllet

    Group E

    My Daughter, Sumayyah, and I ,Caralee, are in group E!!! Hope to see y'all there
  11. BAllet

    Eternal Twilight 4

    My daughter and I are Group E as Well!!!
  12. BAllet

    bit tight on cash

    Same here.. I cant take it with me so hey bettr to not have it at all.. my daughter and I will be there all weekend as well!!!
  13. BAllet

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    hmm will we all look funny with our little baggies and fruit sticking out everywhere.. lol and our nutella smiles.. lol
  14. BAllet

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    Bananas dipped in nutella - yum Actually anything dipped in nutella sounds good ohh they are yummy.. I am deffo gonna have to smuggle more out this time.. lol.. between smuggled breakfast and all the subway points I have my daughter and I should be ok food wise..
  15. BAllet

    The Awesomely Positive Thread

    Hey everyone knows we all come just to see Too Tall anyway!!!! lol It will be amazing cause our group of fans are amazing and all the guests are amazing.. come on peeps.. We will not have our weekend dampened by being down.. IT will Be amazing!!!!!111 Sorry for saying Amazing too much.. lol.. too tired to type anything else.. lol