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  1. I don't mind which show, but I'd love to see her again and get my Voyager cast shots signed!
  2. Jolene's the only Enterprise actor I've not met from the main cast, and I need Linda's signature for my cast shot so it gets a thumbs up from me!
  3. Awesome - the only remaining DS9 actor whose signature I need for my cast shot! She's also one of the nicest guests I've ever met.
  4. Would love to meet Claudia, especially after having added Mira's autograph to my Babylon 5 collection at the weekend! Any chance of it, Showmasters?
  5. I'd met Billy at Collectormania many years ago, but this time I had a photoshoot and had a couple of new items for him to sign. He was on really good form, very smiley and happy to shake my hand after signing and personalising my Lando trading cards!
  6. I was a little nervous about meeting Mira as I've heard mixed reports, but she was friendly to me and smiled when I thanked her for signing my photo.
  7. The Leisure Hive, and the new minisode
  8. Shada (insofar as you can watch the incomplete story)
  9. The Enemy of the World. I'd enjoyed the story when I heard the audio, but I hadn't realized quite how good it is until I got to watch it!
  10. My first was Kylie Minogue, and not long after that I started seeing Carrie Fisher in a different way while watching the Star Wars films. I also had a thing for Jet from Gladiators, and Steffi Graf.
  11. The Stones of Blood, and I had sausage sandwiches for lunch without realising the connection!
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