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  1. Any chance you can get roxann dawson to replace her
  2. Any chance of roxann dawson and colm meaney they havent been in the uk for years and i know they will be popular
  3. Share your comments if you would like to see either of these at LFCC
  4. Share your comments if you would like to see Roxanne Dawson at milton keynes
  5. Jolene blslock Linda park Colm meaney Robert beltran David tennant Karen gillan Christopher eccleston Chris pine Jenna coleman Matt smith Alison hannigan Amy acker J august richards David boreanez Please please please
  6. When will the refunds for the pre order photos be done
  7. Roxann dawson, terry farrel, linda park and jolene blalock please
  8. Amy acker, charisma carpenter, j august richards, sarah thompson, alison hannigan, michelle trachtenburg, david boreanez and sarah michelle gellar. Any of them and i'm there
  9. Please can you get Roxanne dawson Terry farrel Linda park Jolene blalock Colm meaney Any of those and ill be there
  10. At another show a guest pulled out at the last minute leaving only 1 headline guest. The mood at the show was just awful everyone i spoke to ssid they would not be coming back. Collectormania always puts good shows on so i would hate this to happen to them
  11. Gutted about the news with alexis being a sponsered guest your not getting much for your £80 ticket. You will have to replace her with another headline guest. Charisma carpenter J august richards David boreanez Eliza dushku Allison hannigan Michelle trachtenburg Sarah michelle gellar Any of those would be good, come on showmasters you still have 3 weeks to sort something out don't let us down
  12. Can we plese have David Tennant back also Billie Piper Christoper Eccleston Roxanne Dawson Terry Farrel Linda Park Jolene Blalock Alexander Siddig Colm Meaney J August Richards Tom Welling Kristen Kreuk Annet o Tool Davfid Boreanez Sarah Michelle Gellar Charisma Carpenter Allison Hannigan Sarah Thompson John Glover Chris Pine
  13. What a load of rubbish, He is doing dancing on ice at the telewest arena that weekend
  14. Please can you get Roxann Dawson Alexander Siddig Terry Farrel Linda Park Jolene Blalock David Boreanez Karen Gillan Mark Hamill Billie Piper John Simm J August Richards Eliza Dushku
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