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  1. I have a twin room booked at Park Hotel and my room mate just dropped out on me. Female roomie only please. The room is booked for Friday and Saturday night as I have to leave on Sunday evening. Email me at hobbitfanatic @ hotmail.com
  2. Northampton might be in the middle but it's costing me twice as much as MK costs for me to get there. It also means that I have to get 2 trains and they don't run very often either. The same thing goes for Coventry as well. I do have to say after being to a con at a Heathrow hotel I found it very diffcult to get to via public transport. It's not the best area to hold a con at all. I think holding something in London is always going to have problems cost wise as well even though it's easier for people to get too. Personnally I think Birginham is a good place to hold a con although
  3. I've got a twin room booked for friday and saturday night at the con hotel. I just need someone to share it with me girls only please. email me at hobbitfanatic at hotmail.com
  4. I know it's still a while before the tickets go on sale but I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. How soon after we put the order in for the ticket will it be processed? I'm just a little worried as another ticket I ordered took over 2 weeks to be processed. I just don't want to have to keep checking my account all the time. It just worried with the fact that most ticket stores do use theirs to directly take the money out. I don't want my information to be stored for too long without anything being done with it. Can you confirm how long you hold my card info for as of cours
  5. I think sometimes the best guests are the smaller ones but we really need a hobbit someone else like that to pull the people in to go. Events are like this about the film/books that's why I think people like Tolkien society would be good.
  6. The draw with these type of events is the different type of guests never before seen people. I think JRD while a lovley person has done too many events to be a good choice to draw people. David seems a lovley guy I've met him and again I do think maybe you need to get either a guest you've not had at a event for a while or a totally new guest. I know people are going to think I'm not been postive but with the cost of this type of event I do think showmasters need to do some serious thinking. Day tickets would be a great idea because there is quite a few people who don't want to go to th
  7. Too be honest I'm not very happy that you guys have decided to put my picture up. I'm aware as the photographer he holds rights to them but the reason I filled in the form and gave the number was to have it sent to me not to be displayed on your website. I know the pic is small but even I can tell from that it's a bad photo and way to rushed. I'm aware that you were trying to get people though quickly and that it was not able to get them back to us I totally understand that things happen. I did think it was a good idea about the forms but without asking us you just put pictures on
  8. OMG Ludo's monster costume from Labyrinth that's going to be awesome. Labyrinth is my favourite film ever would love to see more things from this film.
  9. I always get there as early as I can. Can't get there early on the saturday so I'm not going to go for Dom's auto on that day. In the old days when there was no photo ops often if you wanted a photo with a guest you had to get there early. They use to stop them after a few hours for the busy guests. I remember getting there 2 hours early for Dom at C4 and they stopped photos just after I saw him.
  10. I think jacksparrowsmistress has some very good points. I personnally have not booked a ticket because I don't believe this event will go ahead and I was also going to get a silver ticket but if it goes ahead I'll be going as standard. The updates on this event have got the stage of being a total joke. It took about 2 months before we got the hotel code and most of the time they didn't even bother to reply to comments on this section. It is almost as if they don't care. I had such high hopes for this event but showmasters are now seem to be chasing them away. Yes and th
  11. Yes a very good idea such a great guy would be wonderful for him to be there. Recently saw him live and he's still got it.
  12. It's not the guest thing that's getting me it's more the fact that showmasters aren't talking about this event at all that has me worried. I was going to get a silver ticket now that's going to be out of the window. If the event goes ahead it will be standard for me.
  13. Nice of you to stick up for them Rosie but it's been a long wait and I can understand why people are getting upset. People need to plan.
  14. I think people seem to be putting some guests that would be very very hard to get and they need to be a bit more realistic. I think it would also be a good idea to get some people from musicals Many people don't know about John Barrowman's huge amount of work in musicals. Tim Curry famous for his Rocky Horror Show as is Richard O'Brien I think a great idea. Also maybe someone like Aled Jones. Also some old dj's would be good. I think Jason Donovan would be good not only a pop star but also in musicals as well.
  15. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a party/gig With some of the guests singing songs.
  16. Now that sounds like a great idea I wouldn't even have to book a hotel.
  17. Great news that it might be back on. Seems way too close to Germany another show and though will this mean we will end up getting a lot of the same guests? I hope not I always enjoy meeting new people and seing the older ones but I'm holding it's not going to be too simliar.
  18. Totally understand why it was cancelled I mean with Mothers Day and everything would be a very bad weekend. I think it was the best thing to do and of course I'm glad that another show UK is back on the cards. Although I do have one thing why did they accounce a new date and then cancel surely would be better to have said they were sorting things out and then either confirm new date or cancel. I haven't booked anything like hotel or travel in order to go as I live close by but a lot of people have had to rearrange things already and paid extra to change.
  19. Want doesn't me your going to get. and it's Elijah Wood and Viggo I'm pretty sure if you like them so much you should know how to spell their names. Yeah yeah it's getting on people's nerves now. So stop!
  20. I would not get your hopes up about Orlando you would not get his agent and then it's bad manners for the organizer not to be the one that calls.
  21. Oh yes!!! He (Hugo Weaving)isnt a usual face on the convention circuit and I bet he has a LOT to say about his role in LOTR. (Mr Smith) I know in my guest suggestions I've included many of "the usual suspects", because I have met them at events in the past and know they are excellent entertainers who will make the weekend fun. But I think RC UK needs to have an unusual guest who we don't normally get to see.... someone to pull the crowds in and who will make it the success it needs and deserves to be....because lets face it.... the last LOTR film was released 3 years ago so the major hy
  22. Yes I have to say I would be very upset if they changed dates because then very likely I would not be able to go. For god stake don't do it on weekend of Glastonbury or Carling Festival or I might be forces to get my anger face on and cry in the corner and talk to my gollum figures.
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