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  1. those who think they will meet shatner other than to actually have there photo signed should think again . For patrick stewart it was literally a conveyor belt he never even looked up when signing and you couldnt say hello. Shatner is popular and despite the £35 he will probably be very busy
  2. £35 for shatner that rules him out i heard he made that much money at the last signing he bought a horse. Are there allowed to be pictures taken of him at the talk?
  3. how about a con in belfast sometime we travel to england for the other ones and buffy/angel/harry potter/ bones/ star wars have worked very well here before. Please please bring us one soon so that we can afford promo items and things after the con, flights, accomadation etc
  4. will you be posting gold passes? or do we pick them up on the day
  5. wow that is so freaky my sister and i were just lamenting that the only bad thing about not getting through certain auditions for a certain show was not meeting john barrowman. this is fab and shell be so ragin cos she refused to go to MK with me
  6. Maybe the party would be better on saturday a lot of the people replying to this seem to be going home on sunday me included bad time for exams for some as well
  7. Which pub was it? JUst out of interest... I *think* it was called L8. It was at the corner of that Vue cinema. Fairly good price wise and veeery nice. Oh yeah, I know the one! Great why are the things so far from airports for those of us who dont live in ENgland it makes travel really expensive. i.e. more than those of you who only have to book train and room, not train, room and flights. But hey hotel all sold out already anyway so probably cant get.
  8. Can he auction off Richa- No. I won't say that. I've been so good in this thread so far! Alan please! I wrote to alan at the theatre and sent a dvd to be signed do you think hell sign it i posted a fortnight ago and no responce normally they reply from the theatres in a coumple of days. He would be a great guest torchwood, neighbours, lost, ugly betty, the oc. Or what about a neighbours reunion i make it my lifes ambission to collect autographs from anyone who has ever been in neighbours. Any donatios to the collection gladly accepted.
  9. cool guest pity cant travel from ireland to gmex as ell as MK try and get her for MK sometime soon.
  10. hi i was just thinking it would be nice to have the cons in a location closer to an airport as northhampton is quite a distance from london aitports so costs add up for flights, buses, trains, taxis as well as the accomadation and other bits. At least if they were closer to a main airport they costs for non mainland fans would be better :) By the way im not complaining its a suggestion, i would love to go to eclipse but it would just cost too much
  11. Did you know that in your previous guests section that Tom Lenk is labelled as Adam Busch? just having a random loojk to see what guests would be good to ask back.
  12. how about christine sutherland since shes going to gmex nicholas brandon alyson hannigan ian mcshane david boreanaz TJ Thyne
  13. is this the right contact details? IM intersted contact at fluterirl@hotmail.com
  14. that would be cool if it were closer to an airport to avoid so much travelling.
  15. masi oka (heroes) anthony head greg grunberg
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