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  1. I asked and he said he was really sorry but he was told he wasn't allowed!
  2. Here are my pix of my fab fun day! Feeling giddy: "Always Coca Cola": Love at first sight!: Hope they give you a giggle!
  3. While I appreciate that SM are out to monopolise the convention market I think they need to remember that it is quality NOT quantity that counts if they can sustain the quality on all events then brilliant. But they cancelled two events last year and they were running less shows then, it just seems slightly over ambitious
  4. I was a giant bear at Butlins, Bognor Regis, autographs start at £500...anyone???
  5. Actually what SM said is that they were happy to pay towards flights, that does not sound like an offer to me! That sounds like they would have paid if asked! I'm with choc1 on this, any issues such as these should have been ironed out before not after announcement.
  6. Don't even go there that's one of the reasons my friend got banned from here, for questioning Showmasters ability to run an event like this. I've just done a search and found the whole thread where all this was discussed back in May http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....showtopic=31954 and although I'm embarrassed by what my friend said as some things are pretty bad and it's painful reading, she did have some good points to make and those points are still valid now 4 months later. As one of the main people involved in that thread I think I can safely say it was closed for
  7. For those of you who have booked hotels, I've just spoken to Endsleigh (insurance company) and your hotel is covered if the event is cancelled apparently! it was £12 for me and my partner. I know it sounds grim and negative but its good to have all angles covered
  8. Tell me about it... I emailed Jason offering to help as I actually run a purely LOTR museum and he didn't even respond!
  9. If you were to get David Wenham I would definitely seriously consider attending this year. It would be hard to pass up that opportunity! This is a VERY SMALL selection of all the positive comments about this event so Jason stop focusing on the negative and start looking at all the positive comments about this event! Talk about selective hearing!!
  10. I agree, expectations WERE high for this. Mine were high as it was linked with another show Germany and I'd heard so much about last year's event and how amazing it was, and I assumed that this one would be as good. Also, with the prices being charged, how could we NOT expect it to be amazing? Especially now that we've seen how much is being charged for other Showmasters conventions like Eclipse and Lockdown. I agree for the above reasons expectations were high. But that does not mean that because it does not match people's expectations that the whole thing should be cancelled. We sh
  11. Noone's saying it's selfish to want a refund but it is selfish when people say they want the event this cancelled, it's a bit of a "f**k what anyone else wants attitude", whether intentional or not. Jael001 - I do hope you are aware of the irony of telling people who have already booked not to say anything because it doesn't help Jason, when YOU'VE ALREADY BOOKED, kind of negates what you said. Yeltz-Lass - No news is good news, they haven't cancelled anything yet! Let's stay positive
  12. I completely agree with you but I don't think that's the answer FLM was looking for! lol!!
  13. WTF! Sorry to say this but you have to be kidding. After months of silence, you finally made some kind of annoucement last night and instantly dismiss it again? What do you expect? A thousand more bookings within 12 hours? Enthusiastic cheering because of an insecure statement..... If I had known that you'd give up so easily, I wouldn't have crossposted like an idiot last night to activate all the other 299 wenham fans. Get a grip! There are still weeks to go..... I agree missdaisy! SM are expecting a lot in what has essentially been less than 24hrs. Rosie - I do not question your ex
  14. I agree FLM, 2 months is surely enough time to recover this event, that's like 10 weeks or 69 days! It's ages. I'm not going to give up this early, can you imagine if Sam & Frodo gave up 2 months before reaching Mount Doom (hypothetically!)!!!! This event can happen, we just need more positive thinking! Let's look forward not backwards, forget how badly things have gone so far, it's not over! I hate to admit it but there's at least another 300 Wenham fans alone out there!
  15. Hopefully that sets your mind at ease regarding other potential guests. I agree, of course, that Alan Lee & John Howe should be invited as well as Tolkien Society members but I think they require less notice than bigger stars which is hopefully why they haven't been informed just yet.
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