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  1. Ok I'll get her to do that. Thank you for getting back to me quickly
  2. We are travelling down from Gloucestershire and we can't get to the Olympia for no earlier than 11am at a push. Tbf if he wasn't doing an afternoon slot it should of been stated on the website is there anyway to resolve this as she's gonna be down £45 and it's not through any fault of her own. I understand there are schedules to keep to, but like I stated there was no heads up with just the one shoot opportunity
  3. So what's my friend supposed to do? She's paid for the shoot and now if he's not there in the afternoon shes lost out on money? Is there a way for a refund or will they extend will Wheaton for an afternoon slot
  4. Quick query, is will Wheaton doing a PM photo shoot on the Sunday? my friend has booked him on this day but has only got an afternoon entrance ticket
  5. Hi just a query if I were to buy a shoot now is it allocated to a given time or do I go for the shoot whenever?
  6. Is there any idea of what time the masquerade will start on the Saturday?
  7. Will There be any more guests announced as the usually a few more than this at Cardiff, plus there's no comic artists mentioned
  8. Keeley Hawes! I've already got one teenage crush attending be great to have another
  9. Keeley Hawes (!!!) Alison hannigan Richard o Brian Patrica quinn
  10. Ok I'll get her to keep.an eye on her emails. Thanks 😊
  11. Hi my friend ordered bill paxtons photo shoot for Saturday and forgot to add the 2.50 validation cost. I know that emails can be sent out to pay the extra fee but she's panicing as its for Saturday and worried it wont come through in time and if that's the case what does she do? She ordered it last night. Many thanks
  12. Just a quick query. My sister just bought 3tickets for Sunday and clicked on the e validation and confirmed it was added to the final bill. The question is though does the validation cover all three tickets at once as they were bought together or do they need individual validation? Thanks
  13. Keeley Hawes Helena Bonham carter Gary oldman John hurt Ian mckellen
  14. Hi just wondering when the photo shoot schedule will be up?
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