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  1. If I'm buying for multiple people can I use my details for everything or do I need to put in theirs? :)
  2. Eventbrite wants a lot of info even after signing into my eventbrite account- name address and date of birth for every ticket? Is that right?
  3. Will there be any more Sunday photoshoots? :)
  4. Not going as a doctor, but currently making a time beetle to cosplay turn left donna noble :)
  5. More buffy guests please! Can't wait to meet James Marsters!!!
  6. Yalc was great this year! Loved that it had its own floor this year instead of shoved at the back of the room like last year, and everyone- authors and staff- was lovely :)
  7. Don't know if it was the same guy all day, but the guy for the second Hayley Atwell shoot was a great help :)
  8. I guess that's the other side of it- personally I loved that most of the talk was about the Alien films, even though I love her in other things too, and I preferred that the interviewer was a fan rather than a generic type with no real idea what they were asking/talking about :) Also, even though I couldn't afford an auto or photo, I very luckily passed her twice in the hallway! She smiled and said hi both times, so lovely of her!
  9. Apart from the heat, I thought Olympia was a great venue- much better than earl's court last year! Honestly, I'm hoping for the same venue again next year, although I've not been to the excel
  10. With the con now underway can I ask where people got changed into their cosplay? The loo or is there somewhere proper? :)
  11. SM have said the days that the photos can be taken and unless you can show something like train or plane tickets to show you can't make it then I'm afraid you have to go on the days they say. Bare in mid that the Carrie shoot on Friday is only 5mins long! Also the Aliens talk will be called in number order so getting there really early won't make much difference. Will the Sigourney talk on sunday be called by number as well?
  12. Any idea what time batch 5 will be in? I'm assuming the later one but just thought I'd check :)
  13. Do yalc ticket holders go through the yalc entrance no matter what time we get there? Won't be there until nearly 11
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