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  1. Unfortunately, being the person doing the shouting (on Friday and Saturday), it was tough to notice this was happening until someone brought it to my attention - after that though, I did try and make sure everyone was included and tried to walk down the queue to find any current batches. Hope this didn't detract from your experience too much Brendon. Nope didn't cause too much of a problem Brendon, don't worry :) Once I was near the front it was fine, just some feedback for next time. Hardly your fault where everyone stands!
  2. Just want to say a massive thanks to SM for taking on board everyone's feedback from last year and acting on it and running such a fun event. Pros: The main queue, and mostly being inside for it was a bonus, great having tickets scanned & bags searched all ready to go. Amazing how many people could fit into there! And didn't wait too long to be let in either, so that was great! The layout was fantastic, having all the photoshoots on the same floor was so much easier! Never change this please. I cannot stress how exhausting and stressful it is having to go from floor to floor trying to find photoshoots. This is SO much better. The improved hall space was amazing, having room to move and breathe and browse the stalls, so much better than last year! Cons: At photoshoot B there seemed to be the same sort of crowding issue at times, and you can't always hear the crew calling for photo batches unless you are near the front. The whiteboard was greatly missed! The lack of schedules printed around the venue. My printer had broken so I was unable to print the schedule out as usual, I only found 2 copies of the schedule. I bought the programme in the hopes it would contain the schedule, it did not. Not a major thing, but would make things easier if there were more of them around so everyone didn't crowd around it. Overall I had an amazing time, everything went smoothly. I had a very enjoyable time, all the guests I met were lovely, as were the crew. Roll on next year!
  3. Being a big marvel fan I was overjoyed with the fact he was even announced, more where he came from please SM! I was most looking forward to meeting him, he was so nice and polite with everyone and really helped make the event even more enjoyable. My photoshoot with him is probably one of my favourites, would happily meet him again if he came back!
  4. This is amazing! Chuffed! Thankyou! Really excited now. Photoshoot booked - keep the marvel guests coming please 🙏🏻😃
  5. Same here, got to meet him on Sunday and he truly is a very man lovely in person :). Let's hope he'll do an SM event one day :) Awwww, you guys met him?!? That's so great. I'm very happy for you two. He is always so lovely and extremely nice isn't he?! And I totally have to agree with Winchestergirl64: He really DOES make you want to meet him again and again. Plus he is by far one if not the nicest person I've ever met so far, too. So, I'll repeat myself here (as may others too ) but one can't really say it often enough (*just to bump this thing up again*) Tom Hiddleston would be such a wonderful guest for a SM event. Yep! Thanks! At the Life Of Pi prem the other week, he was running a bit late, everyone had pretty much gone in, but he still found the time to stop and talk to us He then hugged a few of our group before he went inside. Such a nice person! I'd happily pay to meet him over and over! Still hoping he does one soon, he'd be amazing!
  6. He seriously needs to come to something! Was lucky enough to meet him the other day, he's one of the nicest people i've met in a long time, and he really does appriciate his fans. Which has just made me want to see him again, and again! He'd be a fab guest! Who's with me?
  7. Bumping again. We need Tom at an event! :)
  8. Kellan Lutz, would be the number 1 for me or maybe Nikki Reed. Bit more realistically i'd say my top 5 are : Charlie Bewley, Noel Fisher, Guri Weinburg, Lee Pace, Rami Malek. They would be awesome :)
  9. Nooooooo! Gutted. Hopefully she can make it to an event in the future instead.
  10. Yeah maybe in a group is better then, Have to agree though, until we get details it's if it's worth the risk or not lol. I can see us all doing it anyway tbh haha
  11. I think it might be okay, but as you said it's a bigger budget production. It's gonna be an all or nothing situation, or we should just wait and see if any other fans go first? Saves us a train fare or two lmao. Otherwise, only one we are gonna find out lol
  12. Yes! Loved that bus! Completely agree guys :)
  13. Apparently it was studios and he came out to them, but you just never know do you? Lol! Yeah, I suppose so. Seems unlikely though
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