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  1. i would just like to ask showmasters about a possible scenario. my husband is a support worker working with a man with downs syndrome and he is absolutly nuts about doctor who. i know you can't reveal anything about guests (even suspected ones). my question is would there be a chance for him to possibly jump in a couple of queues as he does not wait well providing there are a few dr who guests that he will recognise? oh, and a full sized talking dalek would go down a treat
  2. lol, no, i never have anything to do. we don't have to decorate every single room yet either
  3. hopefully i am going for at least one day, i'm considering one of the street fighter girls, the one with the meatballs and the chinese dress. i just have to drop a dress size to get in it (oi for post baby belly) or if i can get my husband to go too we could do harry and ginny and the baby in a little robe too but i've also got to make a pair of hose, a shirt, a padded jack, a womans hat for a wars of the roses reenactment event the weekend before, oh and a fallen angel costume for the fancy dress party
  4. it was on imdb a couple of days ago. it said they've put out a warrent for her, she said they can go get her if they want to
  5. kevin has said on silentbobspeaks that it is down to the strike that it might be pushed back
  6. i only have one day to put it together and I'm not a sewer at all guess i might have to leave it this time and wait til the next one i can get to, which will probably be 15 knowing my luck :)
  7. spike tall, dark and forehead is boring
  8. I'm thinking of maybe going in costume to c12 but am 8 months pregnant and only get paid the day before, anyone got any quick, cheap and overall comfy ideas?
  9. harry is not a horcrux, at least not a proper one. when voldy tried to kill harry their souls touched imprinting on harry but voldemort did not go to godrics hollow to use harry as a horcrux. as I've said in the book seven thread, he went there to kill him, not use him for storage.
  10. thats two characters that weren't scheduled to die but have in the final version and someone that was supposed to die has gotten a reprieve
  11. not sure if this is a good thing or not, i suspect not because it will probably an adatation of the movie not the original book, what do yall think?
  12. if i do indeed go, I'm thinking maybe a battle royale student or maybe a random hogwarts student but i come up with new ideas every other day
  13. ok, keep going at this rate showmasters and I'll be bankrupt when c10 rolls around think i need to start looking into a hotel room and travel
  14. alondria


    *ahem* theyve changed the listings in the latesr special, now saying its on at 9am and 3am
  15. alondria


    except after season one ep 22 it will be moved to three in the morning in a seemingly random order, according to cult times
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