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  1. Yes! That's us! I've sent you a Facebook request :)
  2. Hi All, I'm also suffering from the post convention blues -sigh-, however, sat reminicing at work I remembered something. I saw someone take a picture of me on the mechanical horse when I was riding it and I was wondering if they had that photo at all? I'm really not sure who it was though! This was me from the Fri night althought I'd changed into a red and blue shirt instead (but I did ride the horse with the hat on!): Thanks :)
  3. Cool thanks - it's a first time for both of us so w're still learning the ropes :)
  4. Hi, super excited now we're so close but unfortunatly I'm stuck working from home at the moment which means I might miss the registration deadline @ 7pm - can me and the other ticket holder I'm with still attend the part tonight if this is the case?!
  5. Just as a sideline with the Gillian photoshoot - most of the Crew I spoke to were absolutely awesome and helpful but there was the one guy who was shouting out the ticket numbers for the afternoon shoot on Saturday who I thought was unbeliveibly rude by shouting out for people to "Vanish" and being sarcatic in general if they were waiting for the Gillian shoot just at the end of the photoshoot previous to that one. I understand that some people were causing an obstruction, bu I dont think the best way to tell them to move is to tll them to "vanish", they've paid alot of money and just want to make sure they dont miss their slot.
  6. Thats a cracking idea BUT whoeva buys the pass wud have to make sure they could get round to all the guests in time otherwise SM may have people moaning at them cus they paid some much and didn't see everyone.
  7. I'd hold out for what ya really want - its more special that way!
  8. We're leaving Sat morning n getting the train, so we should be in MK by 9.30
  9. What I might do is make a music video thing with them in - that would cool and unique!
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    Tis ok - I made a boo boo :s
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    Where'd my post just go?! - it just disappeared!
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    Love ur avatar btw Jog!
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