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  1. The Star Wars One Man Show hits London this week!!! But he is also doing local events - i know he is doing Canterbury next summer! http://www.onemanstarwars.com/fansite/home.php http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/951670 http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/949337 looks really funny!!
  2. OMG anyone watching season 4 yet??? tis really good!!! only on ep 2 in the states!
  3. how busy was he? open Q or tickets?
  4. really glad i am not going now!!!! 2 out of the 5 not going ! so glad i got work lol
  5. yeah saw it a while ago on imdb when i was searching Gary Kurtz looks good!
  6. but in the past there has been prowse / baker / davis / bulloch would be nice to put one of them in the mix
  7. i dont know, have never been to one before, all i am saying is that it needs a BIG guest rather than 100 stormtroopers
  8. i think its great getting all the stormtroopers etc - it means i can fill my posters ...but can we please have a fairly large guest? never been to one of these before but seen the past guests and there has been some really good ones! would be great if we could get.... Mike Edmonds Caroline Blakiston Gary Kurtz Stuart Freeborn (prob to old) Kay Freeborn Peter Burroughs Michael Carter Andrew Secombe
  9. for my vintage figures i got the bases with the pegs on them, got these from collectormania off one of the stalls. can get them on the net tho!
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