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  1. not her in the bottom picture although i think she was in that scene(maybe off screen)think thats the only shot shes in though
  2. none of the above pictures seem to have her in them still great to see she is coming
  3. Ok, I will try and keep this one brief, but it comes up fairly often so please spread the word and save me typing it all out again next time. While the John Mollo drawing is a very useful reference, it is by no means infallible. It dates from costume/creature meetings that happened a fair time before the shooting of the cantina scene. The names on that drawing correspond to the people who had been cast at the time to play each creature. These actors and extras were then put on retainers while the costumes and masks were made. Unfortunately at some point during this process Stuart Freeborn fell ill, delaying the masks and pushing back the shooting date for the cantina scenes. While some of the previously hired artists stayed on, opting to extend their retainers, some others had to leave the production to go and work on other projects. So what the Mollo drawing represents is a list of people hired to play roles, but not necessarily the ones who shot the scenes. It does mean there is a problem when it comes to identifying actors not named on the Mollo drawing. As call sheets generally don't record extras names, we often have to rely on the memories of these artists about their time on set and try to work out which character they played. When we first talked to Laurie about doing a show Jason and I had a number of conversations with him about what he remembered of his cantina creature. The most significant points he remembered were: - He remembers looking out through a crocadile-like set of teeth that were rather imposing - He remembers fiddling with those teeth while he was not shooting. Jason has a picture in the archive of one of the saurins fiddling with his teeth. - He remembers a series of diamond shaped ridges on the top of the mask. These are clearly visible on the Saurin. - The mask was originally not made for him (most likely made for Peter Sturgeon), and had to be cut up the back and adjusted. Jason has the original saurin mask in the archive that was re-used as the Bossk mask, and it has a large slit up the back where it has been adjusted and re-stitched. This also explains why Laurie's name does not feature on the John Mollo costume designs. - He remembered there being some sort of height issue with the other creature. In the original cantina shots from the archive you can see that one Saurin is standing with his legs bent at the bar to make himself appear shorter, and of similar height to the other Saurin. From these memories we judged that he was most likely a Saurin, something Laurie confirmed when we showed him pictures of the creature. I know it's not as acurate as a pay stub with '1 day's work as a Crocker' on it, but such things simply don't exist. This is a film made 33 years ago, often under chaotic circumstances and sometimes this sort of evidence is the best you can get. I hope that answers your questions anyway, Graham thanks very much for that graham its really appreciated i think i know the sheet you mentioned i have the same sheet but mine was updated by mr mollo in 2002 after he checked some of his records the original sheet states rupert denham not barbara is he a relation?did he have another role?also any info on the bat/kabe creature on the sheet the mollo sheet says barry gnome the call sheet says gilda cohen but rusty goffe always signs the images any clarity would be great
  4. that is great news as she is on my sheet from john mollo regarding cantina aliens and listed as a saurin (crocker)the problem i have is with the 2nd saurin i know laurie goode is acknowledged as it but on this list i have a peter sturgeon can anybody shed any light?? anyway great guest
  5. can we have terry richards again as he was a great guest and a stand out one in the indy films
  6. any chance we can have some new kurtz/joiner images for dave to sign?i like the black and white one pictured next to the announcement that'd be a good start and if he'd sign for a tenner that'd be even better
  7. gary sinise love this guy,david jason,denzil washington,haley joel osment,ian holm or viggo mortenson would be great i'm not fussy lol
  8. just found out i can go tomorrow(didn't think i was going to be able to)just wanted to double check i can get tickets on the door (for entry and extra autos)i guess its in another topic but guess i must have overlooked it
  9. he has done celebration japan since ce so i think its fair to say he is not done with conventions and showmasters has a certain mr gary kurtz in their corner
  10. i reckon showmasters will get him either this year or next 85 is steepish but the queue at last years event was massive so it just shows there is still a big demand i reckon they'd be better off trying to make it a smaller event(empire day style)but centred around him with a talk etc and also other actors he had scenes with for some great multi signed that'd be cool
  11. chris is definately legit(op even had an image of him with his mask off)i think the problem was with anthony daniels saying that he wasn't the c3po double in rotj but chris stood in for one scene so although not the official stand in for the whole film he was a stand in
  12. eric roberts he has done a convention in the us(and julias brother)and probably parkmans dad would be cool
  13. it looks like george roubicek he was an astronaut in you only live twice could be from that
  14. surprised to see there are not any of the minor star wars guests they have (stormtroopers,background aliens etc)i look forward to them even if they have been before as with no empire days its becoming really hard to hook up with some of these
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