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  1. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Guest suggestions

    Nathan Fillion would be amazing! Also, how about bringing some Geek and Sundry names over, like Felicia Day or Wil Wheton.... Wil doing a tabletop session would be awesome!
  2. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 11 - Volume 2 Finale

    I let out the biggest cheer when that bullet hit Maya... then died a little inside as she came back to life... But seeing it once means it can always happen again, and that feeling of joy seeing her die will come back all over again!
  3. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 11 - Volume 2 Finale

    Loved it. Adam-Inna-Box? genius.
  4. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 10

    YES!!! Its finally happened!! One down!!!! No more "Form of... a whiny runt of a brother!" just "form of.... a gullible, whiny, constantly crying sister!"
  5. Hellsbuttmonkey


    I got a different type of game for you guys. Basically, I want you to recast/remake a film property that I name. I'll give you a week to come up with a cast and a list of characters that MUST be included in the film (minimum of 4, maximum of 10). Post your casts on the board for people to admire! Da Rooz 1. Only one entry per person. 2. NO character must be played my an actor/actress who played them in the same or a different medium. So no casting Christian Bale as Batman for example. Voice Actors my also not be reused. 3. After the time limit is up, the round is closed and any further entries are null and void. 4. After the end of the time limit, voting begins. Everyone on the board votes for their favourite Dreamcast, sending me the nomination by PM. You MAY NOT vote for yourself. 5. You MUST also give a brief explanation of why you chose that actor for that role, and post a small picture of the actor/actress as well. Every now and then I will do a bonus round, where you cast a Dream Movie. This is creating a pitch for a completely new film in an existing franchise, for example Alien 5, A new Star Wars film etc. The same rules apply, apart from the addition that you must come up with a synopsis for the plot of the film as well. And without further adeu I give you Dreamcasting #1.... Predator. Yes, the classic 1987 sci fi horror set in the wilds of Guatemala following a crack military unit hunted by an unseen alien stalker... YOU MUST CAST... * Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer * Major George Dillon * Anna * Sgt. Mac Eliot * Sgt. Blain Cooper * Billy Sole * Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez * Rick Hawkins * Maj. Gen. Homer Phillips * The Predator For some assistance, here is the wiki for the film... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predator_%28film%29 Have fun, the round ends Sunday!
  6. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 9

    I think they probably assumed (and for the most part, rightly) to kill off Noah would cause outrage among fans, seeing as he is one of the most popular characters. But they did kill HRG and that will stick. Noah is still alive though. Why? The blood not only brought him back to life, but my guess? It healed his eyesight as well.
  7. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 8

    Maya wouldn't let this happen, she'd kill them all first . Then scream "Alejandro!" over and over till she lost her voice, or her 'even duller than her' brother turned up, scowled at Sylar, held her hands and together they shout "WONDERTWINS POWERS ACTIVATE! FORM OF... AN INCREDIBLY DULL CHARACTER!" Then they got back in a car and drove along with the really nice homicidal maniac, until something happens that forces the to repeat the entire scene, shot for shot. For the 50th time.
  8. Hellsbuttmonkey

    How has it been for you?

    I have enjoyed the season as a whole, with the exception of the Mexican Blundertwins, and Micah's cousin. Not Monica, the annoying little runt brother of hers who after he was introduced shouting "wake up FOOL!" to Micah, I named Mini-T. It could have gone quicker, but the last few episodes have been fantastic.
  9. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 9

    Oh my god, best episode of the season. Noah is the man. Looking at the ending it looks like the death of HRG will stick, just not the death of Noah Bennet.
  10. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Photos - a polite request

    Well there us always the possibility that SM could have two photoshoot prices, one for single people, and one for group shots. For example, I had a shoot with Jewel Staite on my own. That cost me £15. If I wanted to have my friends in with me, the group shot could cost say an extra £10, making it £25. That way, even if the customer only gets one photo, then goes and scans it in making loads of copies for the others, at least SM have made some extra money from it, and it is also a great reduction in price for someone in a family of 4, paying £25 instead of £60. Although it should be stated that there must be a limit on the number of extra people in the shot, say 4, otherwise it would start to get unworkable. Its just a bit of a compromise.
  11. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Heroes Season 2 - Episode 8

    Adam rocks. He will be a fantastic villain. Its interesting how they seem to set up all the core characters with their own nemesis. For example Sylar/Peter, Noah/The Company, and now Hiro/Adamsei. On a side not, for the comic book fans out there, has anyone noticed the number of similarities between Adam, and the X-Men villain En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse? The first mutant, manipulating events down the ages from the shadows, has the power of resurrection, twists misguided good guys into doing his bidding, has a time travelling nemesis. Interesting... I am in love with Elle. I want to make the sparks fly with her...
  12. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Your top 5 guest suggestions

    Joss Whedon Eliza Dushku Nathan Fillion Hayden Pannitiere Masi Oka
  13. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Collectormania 13 Guest Suggestions!

    I'd meet Jewel Staite again. Just because she is so lovely. Eliza Dushku Adam Baldwin Nathan Fillion Summer Glau Morena Baccarin Amy Acker Richard Dean Anderson David Hewlett Hayden Panettiere Masi Oka (I want him to sign my Kensei sword..) David Anders (again, I want Kensei's autograph on my sword!) Ali Larter Peter Cullen
  14. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Collectormania 13 - baldies of telly reunion

    The greatest bald actor in existance. WHAT!! I know I am kinda ultimate wishlist that will never happen here but who cares... WHAT!! Sam 'The Man' Jackson. WHAT!! Also Don S Davis, WHAT!! Leonard Roberts, WHAT!! and I had better not forget Stone Cold Steve Austin....
  15. Hellsbuttmonkey

    c12 best bits

    Jewel Staite. She was just so lovely..... Also getting cryptic Heroes season 2 hints from George Takei was awesome!