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  1. hi guys great guest can anyone tell me if she is gonna be at the con on sunday as i cant make it saturday fatdragon
  2. Can anyone let me know if Richard dean anderson is doing personelized autos fatdragon
  3. Hi i am considering getting a silver ticket so could you tell me is rda personalizing his auto for silver and gold ticket holders thnx
  4. Hi i have just seen this interview with RTD talking about the new series of Tochwood Here is the link http://collider.com/russell-t-davies-inter...903/#more-69903
  5. hi i was wondering if there is any chance of another main member of the cast as we have now lost John Barrowman It would be great if we had Nanako or Burn or even Kai. There is a is already a great line up it would be even better if there was a replacement for John (not that anyone can replace him ) Fatdragon
  6. hi i was wondering does any know if scott bakula will be personalising his autographs ?? fatdragon
  7. Hi i just got back from the nft preview of torchwood:children of earth day one. Wow what a great opener to the new series,a slightly slow start then half way it ups the ante. I wont go into a lot of detail so no spoiler alerts needed. We get to meet the usual main characters plus lots of new ones too,we see the govenment operatives all in their black combat uniforms and heavily armed too.A few new family members are brought into the series too. I wont give any more details except to say that it shows great promise,and in the Q and A after the episode russel t davies said it is just the begining of a new dark and action packed series. No word on when it is gonna be on though but it will be in the summer though CANT WAIT I WANNA SEE IT NOW fatdragon
  8. Got my ticket an hour after they went on sale and there were only 3 tickets left
  9. hi guys i cant find my ticket to the hub 2.i was wondering what i should do.i still have the email reciepts for my ticket i ordered will this be ok to bring instead of my ticket ? fatdragon
  10. fatdragon

    guests ?

    hi as a regular con attendee i was there at eclipse 1 and 2 i was wondering when the first few guests will be announced ? as i am holding off ordering a ticket until a few guests are announced as maybe a few others are too ... thanxs fatdragon
  11. i have to agree and say what a great con this was i have been to a few over the years and the hub was 1 of the best cant wait for hub 2 thanx showmasters
  12. hi i was wondering if there is gonna be a group photo shoot with all the guests at eclipse as i am not that interested in single photos but would love a group one :) fatdragon
  13. shame about hayden how do i go about getting a refund on the photo shoot ticket i ordered as i am not too interested in a photo for christine
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