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  1. Have any of the cast from Prison Break ever been at these or are there plans to bring them to any shows ib the future??
  2. tuck60

    Carl Froch

    I didn't mean for my post to spark such controversy. It was my first time at one of these events and I only went to meet Carl Froch as I am a massive fan of his. I didn't intend to upset anyone by stating I got two items signed. I was unaware it was almost an unwritten rule at these events not to ask for this and wouldn’t have done so if I knew. I think the fact that it was a Nottingham Forest shirt made Carl want to sign it as he is a big Forest fan. As I previously mentioned the lady with Carl said this wasn’t allowed but Carl did make it clear he was happy to sign the item.
  3. tuck60

    Carl Froch

    Came down on Saturday to meet Carl Froch and just wanted to say what a top bloke he was. Paid for a signature and he signed my glove and another t-shirt I asked him to sign as well. I had only paid for item and the lady with him pointed this out but he was more than happy to sign the second item anyway. Had a good chat with him and got a photo too.
  4. Any one know what times the guests arrive on Saturday. I know it starts at 9 but will they be there then? Only really want to meet Froch. Thanks
  5. tuck60


    Ok thanks very much. Big fan of the cobra's so going to try and get the time off to come and see him. Is he there both days?
  6. tuck60


    I want to come down to this event but am not 100% sure if I can get the time of work yet so dont want to pre book a photo shoot. Does anyone know if the guys pose for for pictures while signing the autographs or is the only way to get one by booking for a shoot? Thanks
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