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  1. I was sat with Craig on Sunday and true to his word he pulled funny faces everytime except on odd occassions. Friendly guy and would gladly assist him again.
  2. I find that multimap is normally qute useful for travel details or maybe the network rail website for train times.
  3. How about Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent or any of the other medal winning rowers we have.
  4. Anyone else think they recognise the van that he was dropped off in?
  5. Oh they will. They'll barricade all the doors and refuse you exit unless you can prove that you have bought an autograph, something from the stalls or made a purchase from John Lewis.
  6. Laura? You only relieved me on 1 of my days on cash hun lol Sorry its Penny
  7. Blame the runners that relieved you (oh damn it that was me )
  8. Ok I understand your point there but he isn't going to mope around for ages as he has a job to do and the rest of the team's lives could be put in danger if he carried on down that path. Maybe he has decided he needs to move on...personally I think the whole flirting thing with Jack is his way of helping to get over his grief. Or maybe its a case of boys and their toys and them having a competition to see who has the best stop watch. Men! I don't think I'll ever understand them or want to!
  9. But jack killed his girlfriend and he swore he would kill Jack. That doesn't disappear in 3? weeks! It hasn't been three weeks for them as Jack clearly pointed out in this week's episdoe that Suzie has been dead for 3 months when Torchwood hasn't even been showing on our screens for 2 months yet! lol! Ok so Suzie has been dead for three months so Ianto's gf has been dead for less than 3 months. I think if someone knocked off someone I cared for I'd be a smidge irritated at them and not about to compare stopwatches! And when Tosh read his mond didn't he say he was empty or something along those lines?
  10. But jack killed his girlfriend and he swore he would kill Jack. That doesn't disappear in 3? weeks! Still confused about the stopwatch.
  11. I don't get what the lots of things you can do with a stopwatch are. Maybe I'm naive or sweet and innocent but most of these flyway comments nod towards a sensual context. If so why would Ianto have anything to do with Jack as surely he's still holding a grudge about his girlfriend being bumped off by Jack?
  12. Thanks for leting me crew. Was an experience and an eye opener to say the least. Penny
  13. I would of gone to Joshua Brooks but with my shower and bed being only 30 mins away it was too tempting to go home. Glad to hear you all had a good time.
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