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  1. I had call me on by blondie when I read that and just had to point out that little man dances in time to it...
  2. Hahahaha I bloody love messing around with BT texts. Try it it's ace especially if you're all drunk and sending your mates home phone some messages...
  3. Hmmmm....when you know more about Motley Crue than their manager?
  4. Ok you have to try these songs - some are classic rock that you'll know the songs of don't realise until you download them and go...'hey i know this!' and a lot are glam rock or hair metal which is of course the best music to have. even if you don't like that music particularly, get these, they are amazing: Boston - More than a feeling Journey - Don't stop believin' Faster Pussycat - Bathroom wall Cinderella - Somebody save me Hanoi rocks - taxi driver/a day late a dollar short Motley Crue - too fast for love Motte The Hoople - All the young dudes Van Halen - Jamie's Crying Thin Lizzy - The Rocker Poison - Unskinny bop/fallen angel OK they are some ace songs and it was friggin difficult to get each band down to one or two songs I'm telling you, plus leaving many bands out. But trust me, thse songs.......amazing. Totally amazing. Do try and give feedback Thanks very much!
  5. jaymalfoy


    Seriously, I came down a couple of times over the summer (I live in Durham in holidays) and oxford road is literally dead when the students are away, the city centre is still pretty busy but oxford road and fallowfield where most of the students live is really really friggin quiet without us haha I'm sure the locals live the dream without us. Most places in Manchester do student discount too and there's student clubs, plus, the hard rock cafe does happy hour 5-7 (I know I know it's two hours) and its like 1.20 for a pint of John Smiths. Can't say fairer than that. And Jilly's rock club is ace and has a classic rock room on a friday and saturday if that's your thing (totally mine haha)
  6. Right now my player is churning out Stranded In The Jungle by New York Dolls. Friggin A. Check em out. Or just get all of Motley Crue's tunes as they are, of course, complete legends.
  7. jaymalfoy


    OK I know you're not thinking bout going there but I'm at Manchester Met doing marketing and I F*CKIN LOVE IT! The course is pretty interesting but I reckon the main part of it is moving away and meeting new people. I'm in my second year so am in a house with 6 others whilst I really don't like em very much, I go out with mates I know from my course and through halls last year, and it's completely ace. I really really love my mates here and the city itself is really student friendly. All types of clubs n all, cheap drinks, like I say student friendly. Loads o bars and stuff to do. Haha ok I've waxed lyrical about my uni and its area enough now. Make good choices! Heh heh.
  8. I tried but it wasn't lovin it. Never mind. Hello, by the way, aint spoken on this in some time
  9. ok 5.844 is that better or worse? damn.
  10. How the bloody hell do you do it it won't let me do owt once I'm on the page
  11. mmmm take aways..... anyway anyway I agree with the emo notion. If the kids just smiled a bit maybe theyd be ok. pop bands being labelled hard rock (i dont know why it just pisses me off) teens saying how rebellious and indiviual they are and all wearing the same hoodie/facial expression (i have no problem with the music they like its obviously up the people but stop pretending to be individual when your own mother couldn't tell the difference between you and your buddies) going to a small town when you usually live in a small city and discovering that actually, not everywhere is open past two am. In fact nothing is. Oh you have the midnight munchies? TOUGH! only a select few bars and clubs selling jagermeister cyclists pedalling smugly through red lights. they're for you too dickhead. plenty more but they were off the top of my head. wow i'm pretty grumpy.
  12. Cei! (Kai).......Nice nice lads name, said like Kite.....without the t and the e.....
  13. Rheese is an amaaaaazin name for a lad Jay for a girl
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