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  1. jupiter jenny


    "a.) Not sure of the cut-off date but crew email applications have already been sent out and no doubt a lot have already applied. Email crew@showmastersonline.com ASAP asking for an application email if there's still time." So does this mean if I haven't had an email from SM for LFCC yet then I'm not invited this time?
  2. jupiter jenny

    C9 Photos

    I didn't get in no stinkin pictures, not even with Shabs the SM ho! Sniff
  3. yo. Leg is black n blue. But I only have my own drunken floozy self to blame. Could try drinkin less to minimise injuries but these are the best years of my life n if I wanna spend them on my back then I will!
  4. Seems I have an admirer. Who's Johnhuk?
  5. No don't hurt TT, we mustn't underestimate his power. He'd start a new section in his FAQ - people to avoid at future events!
  6. I've done what I always do every event, only decided I'm coming at the last minute and surprise surprise, all the close, reasonably priced accommodation is gone. Doh! Sooo.... Is anyone else in the same situation and would consider sharing a room at one of the central hotels, or maybe you have an empty corner I could huddle in to bring your costs down? I'm crewing on Saturday so want to stay Fri and Sat night. I don't snore, smoke or bite my toe nails. I do however plan to terrorise young children, spend all day convincing the Lost Boys to come party with us in MK and then drown my sorrows in true (filty) student style when they all turn me down. Maybe I've said too much......or maybe just enough. Help please!
  7. Apologies if I sounded sarcastic, it was just great seeing so much enthusiasm. In a little over four weeks time the show will be starting and the excitiement is begining to build. The crew really are quite a friendly bunch. They are as much fans as anybody else in the hall over the weekend and really do want people to have a fun weekend. Paul 948095[/snapback] Doh, I thought that was geniune support for crashing stews house! I'm kinda trying to motivate myself, this is my 6th or 7th event and I'm not the giddly school girl I used to be. Collectormania has lost some of the magic for me and I need to rekindle. Any suggestions? I was hoping to bump into Craig Parker at the party, fall madly in love and run off together to have beautiful blonde babies. But neither of us is really blonde and doesn't look like he's coming to this one. Foiled again!
  8. What are your plans for the weekend? Have they set up a table so the fans can queue up for your autograph yet? I've asked to crew on Saturday n plan to hang around after that for as long as I'm still having a good time. Asked if they could help with accommodation but now I stop to think about some of the people I met last time is it really a good idea? Hit me with your wisdom!
  9. They've got to say yes yet. Hey, I say screw the official do, party at Too Talls house! You're friend to the stars right? And half the Collectormania attendees sleep on your sofa anyway?! Suggest it to Sarah, I'm sure she'll love it.
  10. I've sent in my form and photo so you could have to put up with me! Though the photo could've been enough to put Showmasters Stuart off, I look like a blonde bimbo who couldn't open my own bottle of WKD Blue, not at all like the professional hard woman I am.
  11. Ouuuuuu There's a seperate party for the Crew huh? Do I have to pay, what night is it traditionally on, have the police ever been called........Details please!
  12. I like your reasoned, thought-through debate!
  13. Hey Too Tall, fountain of all Showmasters knowledge! Don't you have some info on the party? Guests are important but so is the alcohol, we're relying on you!
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