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  1. Any recent updates on the pre-orders regarding London's Spring event?
  2. indio

    Index cards.

    Having not attended any Showmasters events since 2011, I've been recently informed that some guests refuse to sign index cards. Can anyone please share any knowledge and experience on this subject. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Is he expected to have lots of VQ's for the Sunday?
  4. Need some advise about Sunday afternoon, as there is a 50% chance that I will be able to attend, but won't know until around a day before. If I am able to attend, I will arrive at 4.15pm on Sunday, and I will not have a Diamond pass. The questions are... Will I be able to buy an entry ticket at the door? And what is my chance of meeting George for an autograph with no Diamond pass on Sunday afternoon? Basically, I've not attended any Showmasters events since 2011, and since then, I've obtained my orders through the pre-order service. So, when it comes to knowledge on attending events, I am a rookie, as there would have been many changes over the years. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. Not sure yet if I can attend. However, if I can, it will be around 4.30pm on the Sunday.
  6. Do guests ever finish signing early at an event without notice?
  7. Hello Raylenth, Thank you for your info on that. However, I have a mobile phone, but don't use it. I only receive emails at home on my laptop. So, my entry ticket and Diamond pass will be emailed, and then I just collect the Diamond pass at the show?
  8. Hello Queen Sindel, I've never bought a Diamond pass before, and just wanted to ask some questions about them. Are they posted to you before the show, or do you collect them at the show? Is there a cut-off time on purchasing them? If you collect them at the show, then do you have an email receipt, in order to do this? Many thanks!
  9. Thanks Queen, and what time would you advise arriving with a Diamond pass?
  10. What time is it recommended to arrive, in the hope to meet a Diamond Pass guest, but without a diamond pass?
  11. With a Diamond Pass, is there a time deadline for arriving ?
  12. Is Dave still running Autographica, as he's not listed on their website anymore?
  13. George Lazenby. It's time he did another signing, as his last one for Showmasters was back in 2009.
  14. Is there a cut-off date for these £15 tickets or can you buy them on the day? This has probably been answered already, but just needed this confirming.
  15. I had an experience in April 2010 regarding a smudge, which I am still a bit raw over all of these years later. I'm not raw about the guest, but I'm raw about the experience, because it was one of those experiences that involved being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had already met this guest 3 times over the years and had such great experiences with him, and I was and still am a big fan of his work, however, when I met him the 4th time in 2010, it was a bad experience. Out of all of the guests at this event in 2010, this guest was the only guest who didn't have a silver sharpie. Instead, he had some cheap silver pen, which partly caused the smudge. The main reason for the smudge was due to some guy who rudely interrupted while my item was being signed. I, myself had my own silver sharpie with me, but for some unknown reason, I didn't firstly ask him to use it. However, I did ask him, after I noticed the smudge, but instead of him just resigning it, he tried to make out that there wasn't a smudge and he even asked his assistant if he could see one. His assistant however, knew that there was a smudge, as he didn't answer. Anyway, he did resign it with my silver sharpie, and I talked about a project that he was working on, in which he responded to. However, when I put my hand out to get my silver sharpie back, he didn't seem happy, as he questioned me by saying... Your pen? He then handed me my pen back, but wasn't happy when doing so, and when I thanked him just before I left, he looked up with a very angry face and didn't say anything. I so hope to have a 5th and final experience with this guest, as the 4th time was such a raw note to end things on, however, he hasn't done any signings in this country since April 2010, and I kind of get the feeling that if he was going to do so, then he would have done so by now.
  16. Please bring back gift vouchers.
  17. Hi Queen Sindel, I've just checked with the shop, and they have said that the old voucher has now expired. I do hope however, that gift vouchers are available again for purchase. Is there a reason on why they have stopped doing them?
  18. Was 2004 the year when this guest last appeared at a Showmasters event?
  19. Thank you Queen. I'd appreciate that.
  20. Hello Queen Sindel, I've not posted on here lately, which means that I could have missed something regarding Gift Vouchers... Are they no longer available? Also, I have 1 from 2014, and I trust that it's too late to use it? Thank you.
  21. Cracking guest. Only just got the dvd series of this wonderful 80s show.
  22. I loved that show, even though it only ran for 1 season back in 1985. I really wish that Rex Smith could be a guest at a SM event.
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