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  1. Just seen that you offer preorders.. so if I want to get 3 posters signed from 3 different guests for the Birmingham film con do I send them in the one tube and then you just must mail the tube back to me?? Will I have to attach a note with my address in the tube and will they be 100% legit?? Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for all the replies I'm going to head over, get an early entry ticket and hope for the best!
  3. Thanks for the reply so do you think if I got the early entry ticket I'd have a better chance?? will diamond passes will be available for the Birmingham con do you think??
  4. Hi all I'm thinking of flying over from Ireland to Birmingham for the Saturday. As I will only be there for the day would I be guaranteed to get autographs from Rutger Hauer and Casper Van Dien?? Love Blade Runner and Starship Troopers so I'd love to get film posters of each signed. As I'll be there the full day I wouldn't mind waiting around but if there's no guarantee they'd be no point travelling over. I've never attended a con before so if anyone can help I'd be grateful!
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