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  1. I think the easiest way to think of it (if this helps you decide whether to get one or not) is: How many guests do you want to see, who are they and how much do you want to meet them. The more big names you really want the more reason for getting a gold ticket. I can see that having a gold ticket would really take the stress out of the day if you wanted to meet a lot of the guests. No early morning queueing, no stress trying to get VQ tickets, more time to shop or meet people.... Personally I haven't ever had one and don't see myself getting one. I only ever see a few specific people (Stargate actors) so have never had much of a problem with queues and such. The only time I would buy one hands down was if SM ever convinced Richard Dean Anderson to attend. If he did, i'd be scrambling to buy one just to be sure.
  2. Actually, I'm not intending to inflame any ongoing debates here but I find it interesting to note that the papers word it a misleading way. The article headline in the Metro today reads "Last Titanic survivor, 99, dies in her sleep". Only in the article does it clarify to say last AMERICAN survivor. However the article is fairly small and doesn't mention the other 2 at all. So to me it reads that that's it, everyone who survived the disaster has now passed on.
  3. As others have said Nigeria is particularly know for this kind of thing, particularly in regard to phones. Unfortunately it's been going on for a few years now. One of my friend's son was selling his old handset on ebay and recieved 2 emails asking if it would be sent to Nigeria despite being clearly labled 'UK delivery only'. When she told us he had received these emails we all said "Don't do it" Again it's too late in this instance but for the future or for anyone else reading, I always check my paypal account when I have recieved a payment notification. If the payment isn't there, I don't send it out. I also always type the full paypal address in myself instead of using links in emails - annoying but always the safer option. What some other ebay users do is to state clearly in the sales blog that they won't accept bids from people with less than 10 positive feedbacks. Anyone with less than this should contact the seller for approval to bid. That way you have time to check their feedback out before the auction ends and approve them or not. Not so sure if that option is still something sellers do though, it was a while ago that I saw it. The other obvious safety tip is to always beware of buing/selling to people who keep their feedback and list of bidders private (Unless you know the reason they do this - there are some legitimate reasons for keeping bidders private), however I'm not aware of any legitimate reasons for keeping feedback private and wonder why Ebay allows this. If anyone has any opinion on that or can enlighten me i'd be greatful.
  4. For all the cynics out there, I am sorry to say, Millvina's autograph value has just been raised. I really don't mean this to be in anyway disrespectful but will it? I'm asking from a purely interested point of view and not a financial one. It's been said a few times that out of the 3, Millvina's the only one to do anything publicly relating to the Titanic so would that change the value? If the other 2 where never involved in any Titanic signing's etc, would her death increase the value of Millvina's signings?
  5. Two bits of advice. The most important being that when the doors open (or you get in) get the virtual queue tickets first, don't do and see the stalls, leave that untill you have your queue tickets. The bigger guests will have loads of people wanting to see them so the lower your ticket number the greater the chance of getting through to see them. Secondly, everyone there is really friendly. Just be brave and start talking to people in queues and stuff and take it from there. Oh and take a post it note with your name clearly printed on it. If you want personalised auto's you can attatch the post it to what you are getting signed. It makes it much easier for the guests as then they don't have to try wrapping their brains around accents and spelling your name wrong.
  6. The only other bit of advice I've ever seen that might be quite obvious but is usefull to know is that if you are going to use an autograph book never get sigs on the back side of each page.
  7. Raylenth


    I went to U of G a few years ago when it was still Chelt & Glouc College of Higher Education. I did Hotel and Catering Management out of the Francis Close Hall Campus. It's a nice place and I liked my time there.
  8. I checked the IMDB listing and he was on there. Andrew Jackson was as well. David Nykl is listed as playing 'Brianna's Father' and Andrew J as 'Master Burton' if that is any help.
  9. Damn those shoppers for being in a shopping center, how inconsiderate of them.
  10. Did anyone notice that Garwin Sanford and David Nykl were in it.
  11. Such a shame that as you apparantly act as the forum information desk for attendees, you can't answer my post with an appropriately professional response. 951800[/snapback] hmm you want a proffesional response to a fairly confrontational email. Maybe if you phrased your questions better you'd get people to help you.
  12. there are ways of getting any pics at almost any size other than buying em. Have you ever had your own printed? I searched for a high res picture of Buzz Aldrin, had a photo place enlarge it, looks awesome! much better than a 10x8. I get most my own images and have em printed not rely on the 10x8's supplied at shows. 951142[/snapback] Some guests will only sign official pictures though.
  13. One method I've seen used, which I think is quite good is a numbered hologram on the back of the auto'd photo with the corresponding numbered holo on the COA. Hard to duplicate and probably can't be peeled off and stuck to another auto, as it might look obvious and can only be used on one pic, not on any more.
  14. You took the words right out of my mouth. An autograph bought from somewhere or over the internet isn't as special as having one signed in person. I really couldn't care less about a COA. The autographs I get are for me. I don't want to sell them on (especially if they're Stargate) and atleast I know they're authentic. That's all that matters. 949794[/snapback] Whilst I agree with you both there is one point. Every signature I have has been gotten by me, for my collection, not to be sold on, in person except a couple. I have bought a couple of Richard Dean Anderson sigs from the most reputable Stargate dealer around. The reason I did this is that he is unlikely to ever do an event/convention and I wanted his sig to round off my huge Stargate collection. It's not the same as meeting him. It would make my (and many others) day if we could. However, seeing as this isn't going to happen, this is the only alternative. Having these bought sigs rounds off my collection.
  15. A good guide is in Too Tall's FAQ section
  16. But the Titanic survivor is probably older.
  17. I would be willing to pay for a Gold ticket if SM ever got Richard Dean Anderson over but not for anyone else. It's too expensive and other than being able to join the back of the queue I have no interest in any of the other supposed benefits of the tickets.
  18. I wouldn't get the poster signed. Either find a separate one or just get an 8x10 signed. I think it would ruin the poster seeing as he wasn't in the films.
  19. My point was not what you've said, my point was that if I travel across the country and have to stay overnight my partner will come with me. I cannot start queuing up for hour after hour and say to her, u sit in a cafe for 4 hours and ill be back. She doesnt collect autographs but thats not the point, the point is that the Gold Pass is £175.00 and I should not have to pay this again just for my partner to stand next to me in a queue! As other's have said you are not the only one with this problem. There is no other reasonable solution that would not be abused by many people. SM have introduced the "no entry to queue without ticket" policy as it is the fairest system possible. I come to these events on my own. I always find it hard to manage with the variety of stuff I bring to sign. It's hard getting your poster/statue/ect ready to be signed along with your 8x10's whilst struggling with bags and a camera but you just get on with it. I don't expect SM to allow me someone into the queue with me to hold my stuff. (I know that's not what you are talking about but the principal is the same) If your partner is coming with you but has no particular interest in the event and neither of you want's her to sit in the cafe for hours waiting for you, why not send her into town for the day. As has been already stated the crew will take your photo's for you.
  20. I don't think all COA's are worthless but it is like anything in life, you have to know what you are buying, who from and how to be sure of the item's history. There are companies out there who are trustworthy but it's finding the good ones amongst all the bad. I have a couple of genuine Stargate costumes and autographed photo's brought direct from MGM's official dealer. These items came with holographed COA's from MGM stating clearly each item's provenance. This I trust, you can't get much more official than that. But you are right, any mug with access to a printer can make up their own COA's that guaruntee absolutely nothing. A friend asked me to check out an autographed photo of a Star Wars actor that was apparently obtained at a film release. She said "but look, the seller has a photo of himself at the event, some of the guest walking around and another photo of the guest signing someone else's stuff" I had to point out to her that just because the seller was at the event, doesn't mean he got his stuff signed, or hasn't then reproduced his signatures. The saying Caveat Emproium is very relevant here. Buyer Beware. I too have seen power sellers on Ebay selling loads of exactly the same autographed posters, all from the same film/tv programme. If you see a poster for sale on Ebay with 40 - 50 sigs on, i might believe they did get it signed themselves by going around the events, but when you see them later on selling a load more of the same poster you tend to get suspicious.
  21. Hopefully someone can give me some advice. I have a largeish collection of sci fi mags that I want to get rid of. Some are particular to one genre but the majority are just general sci fi/cult. Is it worth trying to sell them or should I just put them out for recycling? Do I have anything special that might be worth something and should be sold? Or is there an online resource somewhere that would list this stuff (Instead of looking each individual mag up on Ebay). The Mags that I have are as follows: TV Zone No's 102, 168 and specials no 27, 42, 50 and 52 Cinefantastic October 1992 and October 1993 SFX 20-22, 29, 36-38, 42, 44 - 47, 50, 52 - 59, 61 - 64, 66 - 68, 70, 105, 108, Jan 2000 (no issue number on it) Dream Watch 11, 25, 29 - 36, 38 -41, 43 - 46, 48 -53, 55 - 58, 60 - 65, 104, 110 Star Trek 1 (Without bookmark), 5, 23, 26, 28 - 40, 43 - 61 (issues 46 and 54 came with free ST paperbacks which are still attatched), 63 - 66, 68, 69, 71 Starburst 202, 212, 222, 226, 228, 230, 233, 235-237, 242 - 247, 253, 254, 260, 262, 264. Specials 16, 20, 30, 34, 37, 38, 39, 43 Cult Times 12, 16 - 22, 25 - 34, 36 - 39, 41 - 43, 45 - 47, 50, 53 -55, 69 Specials 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 Star Trek The Official Fan Club 81, 85, 93 Star Trek DS9 Official Poster Mag 5 + 8 Star Trek DS9 Oficaial Magazine 18, 19, 20, 25 Star Trek 30th Anniversary Mag by Starlog Star Trek TNG The Official Mag 9, 14, 23, 24, 25 and Special 25th Celebration Radio Times Star Trek 30 Years Official Collectors Edition 16 Page Time Lord Souvenier 25th-31st May 1996 X files/Dr Who 16th - 22nd MArch 1996 Star Trek 30 Years Special Issue 24th - 30th August 1996 Cult TV No 1 Blake's 7 Poster Magazine 2 - 7 and Summer Special, I have No 1, signed by a few of them but it's not in a very good condition. Any advice would be greatfully received.
  22. I misread this as "What can you see from the wino nearest to you" I was thinking where the heck do you work/live?
  23. Are expecting. Check out Michael's website for details.
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