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  1. Hi we have not got our tickets yet either and post has been hope they get here soon.
  2. Iam sorry if this has been asked before but if i buy a standard ticket can i then buy photo shoots at chevron.Thanks
  3. Have met ben browder a few times and this time when we met he remembered me from earls court.Which was really cool.But what a nice guy he really is.
  4. Just thought i would let everyone know about the trouble we have had with the hotel payment.We payed for our room and thought everything was ok until we got a letter from the bank saying they could not pay for it.By the way payed £144.The letter said that the hotel had taken £800 out and not enough funds.So i rang hoteland they said it was a mistakebut i think someone has tryed to take that amount out.We have sorted it out now and the hotel are refunding what they should and also any over draft charges we have incured.So i just thougth everyone should now about this trouble we had just in case it happens to anyone else.
  5. I might be putting this in the wrong one but will these packs be available for 7.7.Thanks
  6. I really think that they should have been handed out as we arrived if they were included in the package.As some of us did not know about them.
  7. Thanks for that too early in the morning for me to have realised that was in the thread.
  8. Hi does anyone know the e-mail address so i can get the group photo of all five guests as i did not know about that.Thanks
  9. We have a silver ticket and standard one andI have just noticed that rda is doing a talk on saturday and sunday can we go to both talks or is it just the one.
  10. Just bought the mug but husband didn't put free shipping.So will we still be able to pick up at chevron.If so what do we do as we have paid for shipping.
  11. My husband bought me a green bdu jacket for my birthday from legends which rda wore in some of the stargate episodes.That is what iam going to get signed.
  12. It has arrived, thank you Got our letters this morning.Now can't wait for chevron to come.
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