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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see her as I hadn't noticed the day change. I'm not going tomorrow so hadn't printed a photo off for her to sign, and typically they didn't have the image I wanted so had to make do with another. She was an absolute pleasure to meet, one of the highlights of the day for me
  2. My Daughter has just literally screamed the house down, I wasn't going to attend this year but guess I have to now
  3. Thanks, just saw the post on FB Sadly, wont be at the event otherwise would have asked him. I already have multiple signatures on both of these photos so didn't want to risk a send in if its not him
  4. is anybody able to post their photos please? I'm interested to see what they are like as on the fence about booking a shoot with her on Sunday and this might help make my mind up
  5. I recently started using imgur and so far have found it really user friendly:
  6. I'm gutted, been dying to meet him for ages and can't make this event
  7. Thanks Marky Bumoper8 - The guy top left is Christopher Tucker
  8. does anybody know if that is Robin, bottom right in this picture:
  9. I've been asking for the Entertainment and Media Show 2012 for ages
  10. amazing guests, can't get to Newcastle but will be using the send in for a dual signed shot for sure
  11. any chance they will ever put the EMS show 2011 photos up (the Eve Myles shoot in particular)? I've emailed to ask a couple of times but never had a reply
  12. she would be one of my dream guests but unfortunately I can't see it happening
  13. don't, its not him but another padawan, Coinneach Alexander Thanks for that, saved me messing my photo up :) (Hopefully he would have refused to sign it anyway)
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