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  1. Ummm... just one more thing.. I take it Autographs can't be pre-ordered, only photo shoots?
  2. Thank you Queen_Sindel. Apologies for the questions- I'm still learning!
  3. Ah, OK. Thank you for that clarification! I'd prefer to meet each of the guests, do you have any reccomendations of any other tickets which woul dbe the most cost affective for my plan? Jenna Coleman and David Hewlitt, plus the talks are my main priorities!
  4. Hi there! I was taking a look at the Gold pass and didn't quite understand the Autograph pack- can someone please explain for me? I would like to meet: Jenna Coleman T J Thyne David Hewlitt TJ Farrel Lena Headey Summer Glau Sean Maher Stan Lee Would these autographs be included in my Gold pass? or would I still have to pay for each of them separately? Also, I would like to go to all talks, including Jenna Coleman's, GOT talks on both days and the GOT screening. Are these included in the price? Apologies if these are questions you have answered before, but I have not found an answer on the forum and did not understand the wording in the description here: http://www.btowstore.com/epages/Store2_Shop1309.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Store2.Shop1309/Products/LFCC14GoldPass Many thanks in advance!
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