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  1. stace

    Party Themes Announced

    i want to go to bens party :)
  2. stace


    ooh you girls were in front of me! :)
  3. stace

    Paid Talks Seating Plan?

    true but its fun to sit next to someone you know and laugh with them rather than sitting on your own
  4. stace


    Hi Stace Sorry to be so clueless, how do I do that? Thanks! Lee im not sure if we are allowed to post links on this forum but its: http://mishasminions.webs.com/ and on forum. haha just a place for the fans all to chat. its a bit smal at the mo cz not everyone knows a site for them has been made.
  5. stace

    A Small Criticism

    i didnt see much supernatural merchandise apart from things like coasters and mugs - i dont know what i was expecting but it would have been nice to have more supernatural variety. i liked the true blood merchandise there was around but it would have been good if someone had like the true blood drinks that you cant get in england and have to ship from america.
  6. stace


    captainpixie, wow i remember seeing him everywhere and thinking he was so cool!! love the pictures :) and loved the part in the talk which misha let him ask a question! too cute.
  7. stace


    yeah, i agree - never too old to be a minion. just join the forum and come befriend us
  8. stace

    Jason Momoa's wander-lust

    haha i thought it was him at the supernatural talk but i was at the other side of the room.
  9. stace

    the twilight talk :)

    bless him, i walked by his table a couple of times - he seemed like a nice guy. but i didnt go to the talk since i was only there saturday.
  10. stace

    Paid Talks Seating Plan?

    i honestly think its a good idea if only tickets bought together were put together
  11. stace

    Katharine Isabelle

    no word of a joke, at the photoshoot she said to me hi im katie, it actually took a while for it to sink in that yes her name is katherine lol. but she was lovely :)
  12. stace


    i got a hug too - he gives good hugs haha
  13. stace


    No competition for being my favourite guest there this weekend. He was so lovely and funny! Im dying to know what he said to other people when they went for an auto, he seemed to having a quick little chat with everyone. As i went up he was finishing a conversation about bangers and mash haha and loved the 'minion' badges we had on from his fansite/twitter. He was curious to how they were distrubted. My sister told him she didnt really have anything to say to him so he made up a conversation about the necklace she was wearing. and not to mention at the talk, i love him and Julie together :)
  14. stace

    Thoughts From Saturday

    i have to say there was one gold pass member i noticed at all my shoots who just walked to the front and stood there and didnt acknowledge the other guests who could have been polite and even just mentioned they had a gold pass and thats why they were cutting but didnt. i also have to say in regards to the talks, was it necessary to have 4 rows for gold pass. i noticed that at the two talks i attended not even one row was filled.