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  1. Oh - go on! We haven't seen any yet. Yeah we want to seeeee!!! Pretty please Can't believe I am actually being begged for this but here ya go. https://twitter.com/...2/photo/1/large Now tell me that wouldn't look out of place with the caption "Man wanted for questioning after sudden disappearance of William Shatner" Oh proper creepy, surprised u didn't scare the poor man away haha the photo is good. But the man is a MACHINE!!!
  2. I have only been to this and the EMS show a couple of weeks back where this instant picture system has been in use so I have never had to experience the horrors of collecting photos I have heard about. This is a great system which does give lots of opportunity for people to get their pics with the stars autographed by them as well. If only there was a team of people there to airbrush and photoshop the picture to make me look decent it would be perfect. Could have done with that for my Sisko photo. I am really not sure why my face veins decided to bulge out at just that very moment! Well it was hot...
  3. I was at the event on Saturday and appear to be in the minority when I say I thoroughly enjoyed the event and (on the whole) didn't experience much queuing 'hell' like so many have. The reasons why - well thats another story but lets just say I expected the worst and therefore planned for the worst and therefore didn't get the worst. Simples. Anyway, I only met 3 of the captains (Shatner, Brooks and Bakula) so I can only give my views on these three but I am interested in everyone's experiences with all captains in terms of photo shoot and/or autograph. My favourite person of the day was easily Scott Bakula. What a genuine, lovely man. Very friendly in the photo shoot and spent time with you in both the shoot and the signings. Also had a great sense of humour and gave me a great personalisation on my photo. Next best captain was Sisko. As usual, very deep and almost poetic (with one helluva gothic undertone going by his Saturday leather outfit) and friendly. Less engaging than Bakula but that is simply due to a different personality. He still had time for his fans and gave a nice auto. By far the worst impression of the day I got from Shatner. I am tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt as he is ageing and must get tired easily. However, he gets through fans like a complete machine. Yes, that means he is efficient and queues are short. But my word, I couldn't get a word in with him. Before I knew it I was being shuffled along. He literally sat as still as stone when doing the shoot and barely cracked a smile at my fiend's quite impressive photo he gave him to sign. I also heard from another fan that he was a bit rude to her as well and slightly aggressive when she cracked a joke. And his security guard wasn't the most friendly either. Did anyone else have experiences like this?
  4. Ok, sounds like a party in the making! Haven't got the party ticket yet - was debating whether to or not. Autos and photoshoots are bleeding me dry!
  5. I wonder if anyone has actually made friends with one of the guests at this event. It cant be impossible, can it? Like, meet up later or exchange email etc.
  6. I have to say, this thread has completely re-ignited my appetite for ST London. I really had this impression that you had to tread ultra carefully in shoots and autos and make sure not to offend anyone or the people in the queue behind you. Maybe I play things too safe ha but it seems like the guests are actually (for the most part) quite up close and personal which is great to see. This comicon has taught me a lot and I hope others read this thread and get reassured the same way I have.
  7. Oh my gosh you are so LUCKY with Jeri. How did that feel? Christmas come early? She looks really comfortable as well. Good body language. Congrats!
  8. Well thats a good point. Get to know the guest before the shoot and you have a better chance of getting something more personalised. I have to say though, as a guy I feel it is more difficult getting up close to the female guests compared to girls. With two girls its a girly hug, with a guy the guest might not always know what they have on their mind. Personally, I would just like the photo to be a bit closer as it looks more natural and just looks better really. But I dont want the guest to feel otherwise. Thanks to @Queen_Sindel above for the advice about Nana and Chase as I can go there a bit more confident about a good photo now :)
  9. Generally if there is a no touching rule then you are informed before entering the photo shoot. If there isn't, then you have a few options. If you have a specific pose in mind then just ask the guest. ARems aournd shoulders etc, you can judge by watching the people before you. Normally the guest initiates that anyway if they are fine with it. If you have something a bit different in mind, if you can get the guests autograph before the shoot it might be worth asking then just to see if it's ok. Other than that, know what you want to do and quickly ask when you approach them. Most seem willing to do silly/different poses but not all guests are that comfortable. The standard hugs/back to back type poses are usually no problem but some people are amazingly creative. I hate photos of myself so just stick to the standard mostly unless the guest does something themselves. As has been said, keep an eye on what the people in front of you do. Some guests will go to put their arm round you or whatever, some just strike a pose but don't mind if you put your arm round them. For some it's definitely no touching and you will be advised of that as you go in. Just don't be offended if they say no to your suggestion. Any examples of guests having no touching? Just out of interest
  10. Generally if there is a no touching rule then you are informed before entering the photo shoot. If there isn't, then you have a few options. If you have a specific pose in mind then just ask the guest. ARems aournd shoulders etc, you can judge by watching the people before you. Normally the guest initiates that anyway if they are fine with it. Edit: p.s. Jeri is fine with hugs in a photo shoot Thanks for the advice. I know for jeri next time :) In october, I was thinking Nana Visitor or Chase. Just looks better in photos rather than standing 2 feet away from eachother.
  11. Also one other thing - what is acceptable on photo shoots? I guess its all about asking the guest but especially with a female guest (like Hayden *cough* very pretty girl) is it ok to put a hand on her shoulder or *dream come true* waist? Ive even seen a photo on here from a guy who held a guest in his arms. Ok, thats a bit rare but it would be awesome just to put a hand on them. Without bodyguards coming up and forcibly removing me :) After seeing Jeri's body guard, I was on my best behaviour for sure!
  12. This sounds epic. Me and my friend will be staying at a slightly cheaper travel lodge a cpl of miles away but well up for a friday night massive one. And then getting to the Excel early (ish) saturday for the whole day. We are both star trek fans (although on a sliding scale I am a 10/10 and he is a 6/10 - I am quite nuts about it and cant wait for my photos with sisko and archer. Having got my a taste of it with a seven of nine auto at LFCC i cant wait)
  13. I think that suggestion by @jael001 is very good. Especially as through the noise etc you dont want the guest saying 'pardon' etc then you hold up the queue. Its difficult as I want to respect the fact people are behind me and have probably been waiting for ages. But on the other hand I have waited years to see this person and I want to get as much out of it as possible :)
  14. Thanks everyone for your prompt and informative comments. Things are clearer now. Re: the VT system I understand now - as soon as my number is in the 'range' I can go anytime after that. I just need to make a note of the signing times of that guest. For some reason I had it in my head that the ranges changed and if I missed my slot thats it. Thankfully doesn't seem to be the case! As for personalising, I'm a shy guy and I literally froze when I met Jeri Ryan (I have been a fan of her since she began voyager) so I am not sure I could get the courage to ask for something just incase she said no then I would feel shy and awkward. I guess though if you are polite, what's the worst that can happen? I was going to ask Hayden to put on my auto 'from your hero, Hayden' - you know a bit cheesy but I just didnt have guts to ask!
  15. Again, you assume there will be queues outside, and no I don't think it is a fair or reasonable option to have your own separate entrance/exit, so you don't have to mix with the riff-raff when you come in, when there is no telling when you will turn up - and frankly I think you have a nerve to ask. I mean, who the hell are you? Royalty? Inside is a different matter. You get the priority seating/queueing depending on what you pay for. I don't have a problem with that. But that is not what you asked about, is it. Gee whiz the number of haters in this forum is bewildering. I think that message you bolded up nicely is quite rude. You wouldn't say these things to @garydaleange in person so why do it on the net. Its a complicated subject to tackle tbh. Pay 900 pounds and you expect premium treatment but yes you are right, why should people who cannot afford to pay that be treated as a lesser citizen? Its a tricky one and not as black and white as your hater comment makes out.
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