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  1. I didn't, but I did spot Mark from 90's boyband A1!!!
  2. Despite my 2 tiny niggles in previous threads, I had a great day. I myself had only been to collecormanias before, and I came with 3 people who had never been to any previous events. All the crew I spoke to were polite and helpful, and I especially appreciated Too Tall's honesty in what was happening with Christopher Lloyd post 5PM, especially as he let us know before we even had chance to ask him, so cheers for that!! Great range of stalls, enjoyed the talks, and the gaming bit kept my boyfriend quiet!! My friend also commented several times that ' the people that attend these things are so nice!!' So pats on the back all round. Roll on next year!!
  3. Have to agree, was slightly disappointed in my Christopher Lloyd shoot. The £5 delorean shoot was money better spent!!! Also didn't really get the queuing system for the CL shoot. What is the relevance of the ticket numbers? I was one of the first people in the queue but one of the last to be seen purely because I bought my ticket a little later? I don't understand why it's not a first come, first served situation ( with the exception of gold passes) as with talks?
  4. The set was actually pretty much what I thought it would be. What did spoil it for us was the fact that people were using it as a cafeteria!! We couldn't get anywhere near the tables for people sat on and around it, eating, drinking and looking at purchases. I know there weren't many places to sit but that wasn't what the props were there for and completely prevented us getting decent pictures.
  5. Really sorry if this has been asked before or it's in a FAQ somewhere, I can't seem to find it!! I'm just wondering when the online store will close for LFCC? Thanks!
  6. Depends on who the three guests you want to see are - I'm assuming you want autographs of those three besides the photoshoots? If you don't want an autograph of Patrick and if you can stay for a couple of hours you'll be okay. For Patrick it could be a close call. It's really just DJJ, Chris Barrie and Chaske....I'll have to see how desperately my friend wants to meet Patrick, we may just have to make it a very early morning!!!
  7. I had no idea the rail disruption was happening :-/ I was hoping to get there on Sunday at about 9am, but I'd need to leave ridiculously early for that for so I guess it'll have to be the coach. It doesn't get me in till 10.05 though, is that likely to be an issue? Only really coming for 3 guests and photo shoots are already booked.
  8. Seconded, PLEASE do a Red Dwarf group shoot on Sunday too!!!
  9. Awesome!! More Young Ones guests please!!!
  10. Oh no, what a shame!! We'd only be getting into the coach station at 10am, so I think you're right and it'd be a little bit too late. Thanks for your help!!!
  11. My friend and I are coming down on the Sunday, and we're weighing up coming via train or coach. If we come on the coach, we won't arrive in Milton Keynes until 10am. We only want to meet a handful of guests each but we both wanted to meet Patrick Stewart... should we get there earlier to better our chances? I gather it's a bit quieter on Sundays?
  12. Oh.MY.GOD. Amazing, Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hey Guys, at the first BTL, there was a stall selling a really good range of 8X10 photographs. These guys are usually at collectormania's too, selling different photographs and frames if you wish. Does anyone know if this company's stall is going to be at BTL 2? Or what the company is called? Many Thanks, and sorry if asking this si against the rules!!
  14. Hi Julie, I think we had a chat on Sunday night? I was the girl in the plaited pig tails who was telling you how awesome your sons costumes were? Shelley x
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