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  1. You serious? He's cancelled the hub again?????? LOL *shakes head* that man!
  2. Leave home earlier - maybe on the Friday night instead??! I mean seriously - what do you want SM to do, rearrange the timetable to suit you? Bit of a mean thing to say. As I read it; the issue was that "on the day" photoshoot tickets would probably be best suited to photoshoots that take place a while after opening to give time for people to get through that HUGE cue and buy their tickets before the photoshoot takes place. I really dont think that the complaint was a personal one at all. I totally understand that SM can't go organising their timetable around specific people, but it really would have made more sense to arrange photoshoots where people have to buy their tickets at the event to be just a little later in the day to allow for the amazingly long cue in order for the attendees to buy the actual shoot tickt lol WOW that sounded complicated. Personally, everything works out BRILLIANTLY for myself and I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. The only real moan I have is the debarcle with the Alex Kingston photoshoots. We bought our photoshoot tickets at 9am on Saturday morning and was given ticket 365 which would have been ok had we not then discovered that people who bought their tickets on Sunday were given lower numbers which meant for LONG LONG LONG waits after people who bought their tickets AN ENTIRE DAY AFTER US to get their photographs first. I understand that the staff accidentally used the wrong ticket book on Saturday and gave out the highest numbered tickets to people who should have got their photoshoots before the people who bought them on Saturday. My issue was resolved and I thank the showmasters team for this, but I know for a fact that this affect MANY MANY other unhappy customers who didn't have their issue resolved and so I felt it was something that needed to be brought up so that, in future, things like this didn't happen again because, as you know, unhappy customers today means lower numbers tomorrow. Thanks again for a great event Carole
  4. Yay! He's come back.. hopefully this time we wont give him the lurgy.
  5. Angel_79

    Party Themes

    I would LOVE Torchwood India... make it look like the place has been frozen in time, the outfits would ROCK!
  6. Getting into Northampton about half past twelve on the Friday. Since my room wont be ready I guess I'll be in the bar if it's open so if you see me please come and say "Hi". For some reason I always feel really shy at cons about just going up to people and saying hi to them.
  7. So my fannish heart is well and truely breaking... I can't afford to come this weekend and Lisa Wilcox is one of my childhood heros. I know that sounds weird but my friends watched a lot of horror (we sneaked them on when the olds were out) and Lisa was my favorite. Alice was my first kick spam hero after Linda Hamilton so I'm gonna be gutted I'm not going to get to meet her. Saying that, the whole line up for the weekend is AWESOME!!!
  8. First of many hubs I hope! You're a swift fan... does "Breathe" make you think of the Doctor (after he's gone ofcourse) at all? Does me, but I'm weird like that.
  9. Yay! It's looking like it's on it's way to being another fantastic event. Brilliant guest... great guy. Thanks SM.
  10. Hi Jason, I spoke to Tom Price a while back and he said he'd really like to come to the HUB if someone would ask him. Thanks
  11. I keep reading that wrong and laughing; so sorry. LMAO .... now you bring it up that is so funny. lol
  12. Hi.. If you're still interested in getting a group together in London, please email me on Carole_ann_parker@yahoo.co.uk to arrange the details. Thanks
  13. Hiya.. I noticed on the map that in Nottingham there were three people from Hucknall. It'd be really great to hook up with other Torchwood fans in the area and to find out that there are three from right up the road was great, so if you guys are on here and fancy meeting up before the next hub give me a shout.
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