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  1. New update, Christopher Fairbank who has a small variety of Roles in doctor who, the most obvious of which is Fenton (oh Jesus Christ, FENTON!) in the series 8 episode "Flatline" so you'll need a series 8 copy, which there are a number of variants, he also appears in a few audio plays for big finish, he was in "The Wreck of the Titan" and "Ironbright" from the mainrange and from the 8th doctor adventures he was in "Scapegoat", he's attending on Saturday and will be £20. also because this entry is short i should point out a few things of fun interest, he was in the much maligned "Alien 3" with other Doctor who Alumni Paul McGann (The 8th Doctor) and Danny Webb (John Jefferson in "The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit" along with a number of big finish stories), i kinda hope they get him as well, he had the best moment in "Alien 3". Showmasters get Danny Webb.
  2. Small update in the form of comic writer simon furman, who whilst his comics are too numerous to name i thought i'd add the more common items that he's featured on or has done work for. he appears in an interview capacity on two "Striped for action" features for both the 6th and 7th Doctors, so you'll need "The Twin Dilemma" or "Delta and the Bannerman" for those, or for a more direct contribution he wrote "The Axis of Evil" for Big finish, and despite being within the first 100 entries isn't too expensive if you so chose to track down a copy.
  3. Small update but a big one for fans of the more recent series, not a sarcastic comments i understand the 13th doctors era has been one of the more controversial ones but there are fans both sides of the debate, and i'm not looking to provoke or spark arguments over an actor who hasn't done anything to inspire such remarks, so lets get into the meat of this update, LFCC spring will welcome Mandip Gill, who portrayed Yazmin "Yaz" Khan across the 13th doctors era. the sets to which she appears are "The Complete 11th Series", "Resolution", "The Complete 12th Series", "Revolution of the Daleks", "The Complete 13th Series", "Eve of the Daleks"/"Legend of the Sea Devils" and "the Power of the Doctor" or if you have steelbooks "Series 13 Specials" is the latest in the extremely healthy choices of sets for this guest, from experience she is lovely to meet and i would recommend meeting her shes only attending the Saturday and is £25 for an autograph the same price for a photo, although an option is available for a photo with Sacha Dhawen for £65.
  4. Hello friends in our first post of 2023, i bring good fortune worthy of a king which is ironic. Firstly we have Julian Glover (a man who once told me "know your place" when i asked if i should bow before him), who played King Richard the Lionhart in "The Crusade" and Scaroth in the beloved classic "City of death" meaning here are your options, "Lost in Time", a Cd of "The Crusade" or even its VHS CD counterpart, the newly released Season 2 Blu Ray Boxset, "City of Death" or the Season 17 Boxset, he is attending the Saturday of the Convention (Although booking a photo lists him as Sunday for some reason so i may have to double check that) and for the kings hand you will be paying £25. secondly we have Christina Chong who early in her now booming career played Lorna Bucket (You know you're British if you read that as Bouquet) in "A Good man goes to war" meaning that for her signiture You'll need either Series 6 Part 1 or any of the Various releases of the Complete Series 6, she is attending on Saturday and will be £30. i checked the other names, however and sadly i came up with no luck, with the big ones announced today such as Christopher Lambert and Sam Jones we had a bunch of smaller names in the guise of the usual Star Wars actors, sadly these ones seemed impossible to trace outside of Tony Smart (Who has no Doctor who connection), not even the star wars wiki could trace half these names, although the odds are they were american actors in the late 90's any overlap with Doctor who is slim to at best, however when checking two Sam Jones did come up with doctor who, first a companion with that name and an actor, however it isn't the same Sam Jones who played "Flash Gordon", the one i found for Doctor who had no biography other than the credit.
  5. Okay so update of some significance and interest. firstly let’s talk about the obvious, we have Terry Molloy, whom many would instantly recognise as Davros from three Classic TV stories “Resurrection of the Daleks”, “Revelation of the Daleks” & “Remembrance of the Daleks”, he also appears as Russell in “Attack of the Cybermen” along with many appearances as Davros or otherwise in Big Finish plays, those sets along with the 40th anniversary WHSmith Dalek set, the Davros Collection and Season 22 are the obvious candidates, he is on Sunday and is £15 for his autograph. next we have Sacha Dhawan who is the current incarnation of the renegade timelord “the Master” and his sets include “the Complete Series 12” and “the Power of the Doctor” but threat not he also appears as Warris Hussain in “An Adventure in Space and Time” he is £30 and is on Saturday only. now for my usual finding connections to which I’m often praised (mocked) for finding, Dermot Crowley, now many will ask who did he play, well he didn’t, he did however audition for the role of the 7th doctor and usually this doesn’t warrant a mention similar to Chris Barrie of my previous posts, but the footage of Crowley is present on the DVD of “Time and the Rani” in a special feature, if you’re a collector of such oddities he is on the Sunday and £25 at that. make of this information what you will, will update with any further guests or connections I may be able to locate.
  6. i'm not running the event, i'm just informing anyone browsing of the guests that have appeared in doctor who, or have some connection.
  7. Update time, the two most obvious doctor who guests have been announced (Its not an LFCC without them). first we have the 6th doctor Colin Baker, who if you're going for DVDs he's on "Arc of Infinity" where he played Commander Maxil, or anything from "The Caves of Androzani" to "The Trial of a Timelord" part 4 "The Ultimate foe" along with the recent surprise appearance in "the Power of the Doctor", Blu Ray wise you'd need either Seasons 22 or 23 as those have both been released, along with a cavalcade of Big Finish Audio plays, those daring may also wish for the Original audio CD of "The Macra Terror" to which he provided Narration, he is on both days and will cost you £20 for an Autograph. and then next we have 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy, from the DVD front he's present on "Time and the Rani" to "Survival" along with appearing in "the Movie" and the recent surprise appearance in "the Power of the Doctor", from the Blu ray line two of his 3 seasons have been released those being 24 & 26, of course he's also appeared in a number of Audios for Big Finish, he is £20 and on both days like his younger (and Larger) self, i believe he also offers a in costume photo for £36. i will update with any further announcements.
  8. Okay so following on from my forum last year, i thought i'd post about any doctor who related guests, either the obvious or the obscure that will be announced for this con, what they contributed to the Doctor who line up and what you can personally get signed by any of the actors, writers, or comic guests. firstly we have BRIAN BLESSED (has to be in capitals), who appeared as King Yacarnos in "The Trial of a Timelord" Parts 5-8 or as its known "Mindwarp" he is £50 for an autograph, or what i would recommend based on past experience the Diamond Pass which is £90, as the last time he attended due to his friendly nature he tends to not get beyond those who have paid for a Diamond pass, he is on the Sunday Only. secondly on our more obscure side we have Wild Scolding, who has so far only appeared in audios those being "Thin Time", "The Mind of the Hodiac", "Mutually Assured Destruction", "Asking for a friend", "the True Saviour of the Universe", "Rogue State", "Dark Side of the Moon", "Now you Know", "Nevernor", "Mother Tongue", "Unity", "Sins of the Father", "Goodbye Piccadilly", "Empire of Shadows", "Superiority Complex", "The Restored" and "Peach Blossom Heights", so a nice variable Cavalcade of stories to chose from if that is your fancy, he is £15 with no Diamond Pass Option and is appearing on the Saturday Only. I will keep this updated with any further guests, i'll do my best to cross reference and find any connection, with the amount of smaller guests you'd be amazed with what comes up.
  9. Okay, so con has been and done, I was in fact correct the Paul Kirby whom I had previously Theorised May have been in Doctor who was apart of “The Space Pirates” as both a Pirate and a Miner, of note he is available to see in the surviving film trims of Episode 1, as the pirate who appears in close up. In a related note, I met Sinon Bisley whom as previously mentioned had a loose link to the show’s second series (2006) in that his art work inspired the Beast featured in “the Satan Pit”, he was aware of this fact and had been paid £50 for the usage, and I am proud to proclaim that I am the first (and possibly only at time of writing) to have a Complete Second Series (and maybe even DVD of Doctor who) signed by Bisley to which he commemorated by also adding a #1 for me. that’s all for now until any new guests may be announced for next years Cons.
  10. Late night update, i'm bored and thought i'd add this for the foolish, turns out Malcolm Sinclair is on a Doctor who DVD, specifically "The Ribos Operation", but in a way that even i would consider too loose he was featured in archive footage on the "A Matter of Time" feature from his role in "The Prisoner of Zenda", make of that info of what you will, but personally thats too far a push, he's purely archive footage from another show altogether as apart of a documentary. for context the section in question talked about how Antony Hopes book was used as the basis for "The Androids of Tara" and compared the scene of the Doctor suggesting the android stand in for the king to allow them time to find the true king, to a similar scene from the 1984 BBC Adaptation of the book. if you're more daring than I, he's Saturday and Costs £20.
  11. From a bit of research and digging i can officially add Jason Flemyng to this list, whilst i had previously commented on the possible choice of having him sign either Dalek film as a stand in for his late father, after doing a little digging he himself is a little more involved, as a feature on "Death to the Daleks" called "On set of Dr. Who and the Daleks", as a result he can sign for himself a Doctor who DVD, so he's on the Saturday and is £25, i do apologise for not checking this sooner, but i've only just had the idea to think to check his self page on IMDB, as the Doctor who wiki only lists his magazine interview and his lineage within the series.
  12. Update time, firstly from what i can tell Peter Ross Murray may have cancelled (Again) so that means he's no longer attending. however Laurie Goode has been announced and he's been an extra in the following stories "The Mutants", "The Time Monster", "the Invasion of Time", "The Creature from the Pit", "Meglos", "State of Decay", "Warriors Gate", "Enlightenment", "Frontios", "The Mysterious planet" and "Battlefield", so you'll have a nice wide variety of covers to chose from, although on the subjective opinion most of those stories are a little Meh (Especially Frontios), he's only on the Saturday and costs £10 to aquire.
  13. Okay so there was some update on guests today, but theirs nothing that i can confirm, two names got flagged when i searched the first was Stephen Bayley but that was because there was another person by that same name on "More than 30 years in the TARDIS" so i dug deeper and not the same guy as the actor (Although the actor whose going doesn't have an IMDB page and has the exact spelling), then we have Paul Kirby, and being honest i'm still extremely uncertain about this one as there are a large number of them on IMDB, the one I've back-traced to the announcement is different from one who appears in doctor who, but they could be the same person, unfortunately because both roles were masked and i doubt theirs any photos of him around that era unmasked i can't verify a single thing, if it is the same person he was in "The Space Pirates", so the only options their are the CD or "Lost in time", very limited, but again like i said i can't currently confirm if its the same actor with IMDB thinking its two different people or if it is in fact two different actors with the same name.
  14. Also announced for con next year IE March we have the national boisterous treasure that is BRIAN BLESSED who played King Yacarnos in "Mindwarp" the second story of "The Trial of a timelord" so that dvd or Season 23, and for those who care about such things he was almost in "The Daleks Masterplan" as his "Z Cars" character PC Fancy Smith, but that was vetoed during the pre production, he's only appearing on that Sunday and is £50 Again this is March 2023 not November 2022
  15. Yeah must be weird for Ty, hes appearing with 4 men (And one woman) who've played his dad and granddad and his on screen dad from "House of Dragon" must be confusing for the poor lad
  16. Okay so update time and boy do we have a good number. Firstly we have the ever so wonderful Katy Manning who was Jo Grant for Seasons 8-10 along with return appearances in "The Sarah Jane Adventures" Series 3 and "The Power of the Doctor", so anything from those period is of easy access, and of course she did a number of Audios as either Jo Grant or Iris Wildthyme, so you'll have a wide variety to chose from, shes appearing on the sunday and will set you back £15. Next we have the screaming Terror herself, Bonnie Langford on a smaller variety of TV stories appearing for only a season and a half so from "Terror of the Vervoids" to "Dragonfire" with a return appearance in "The Power of the Doctor" so you have a decent number of choices, and she has done a number of audios with either 6 or 7, she's also appearing on Sunday for £15. on the more obscure side Joblin Sibtain (a name i'm never gonna try and pronounce) who made two TV apperances the first being Mr Granthom in "The Warriors of Kudlack" from The Sarah Jane Adventures series 1 and then Tarak Ital in "The Waters of Mars" meaning you'll need either that story separate or a copy of The Complete Specials", hes also on sunday for guess what £15. now to the very obscure side, we have the son of the legendary Gerry Anderson, Jamie Anderson whose been a writer and Director on a number of Big Finish audios, which are too Numerous to name here, but if DVD's are your thing he is on "More than 30 Years in the TARDIS", he's not listed for a day or a price however (Also side note Gerry once described that his son was a doctor who fan as "One of the greatest tragedies of my life".) next is Alister Lock another Doctor who Alumni with a surprising background of credits including BBV and Big Finish, where he did "Auton" and the trilogy of Direct to video films, and now he's done sound design on Big finish along with a number of acting credits which whilst small is a nice addition to his resume especially as it says how nice a family Big Finish is, but of course for those on DVD side, he did artwork for "Shada" by which i mean the first DVD as he worked on the animation of the 8th Doctor version, so you'll need either the first DVD release, the 2017 Steelbook or the new Season 17 boxset (I think its on there, i don't know i'm afraid) and like Anderson he's not listed for a day sadly.
  17. Good Shout, could easily get his signature on the movies in place of his late father.
  18. okay update time. First, i called it for Jeff Cummins, an artist who worked on many Doctor who Target novels back in the day, the list includes, "The Time Meddler", "Doctor who and the Tomb of the cybermen" (First Edition), "Doctor who and the Doomsday Weapon", "Doctor who and the Mutants", "The Three Doctors", "Doctor who and the Dinosaur Invasion", "Doctor who and the Giant Robot", "Doctor who and the Face of Evil", "Doctor who and the talons of weng-chiang" and "Doctor who and the Horror of Fang Rock", along with these he also did art work for many Virgin New Adventure novels, "Blood Heat", "The Dimension Riders", "Conundrum", "Tragedy Day", "Theatre of war", "Al-Consuming Fire", "Sky Pirates!" and "War Child", he's only listed for the saturday, but he's £10 from memory. next we have Lee Sulivan who has a nice varied range of work for Doctor who, the most notable example is his work is the art work for three of the webcasts those being "Real Time", "Death Comes to time" and "Shada" the latter of which can be found on the following releases the original DVD copy found in the legacy boxset, on the 2017 Steelbook and most recently the Complete Season 17 boxset i believe, other DVDs you will be able to find him on two DVD bonus features, those being the striped for Action features on "Delta and the Bannerman" and "The Movie" Special Edition, plus for eagle eyed TV fans a piece of his art work specifically the character Abslom Daak or Dalek Killer appeared in "Time Heist" which can be found on Series 8 (For which i found he was never paid royalties for), along with these there is a wide array of Comics that are too numerous to list here sadly, he so far doesn't have a day listed but from memory he is only £10. Corrine Wicks is the next on our list of Doctor who Guests, in fact she is only a recent addition to the franchise's wide array of actors, portraying the character Vibax in "The Passanger" an audio appart of "Galifrey: War room" sadly she doesn't have any price nor day listed thus far however so i can't comment further here. lastly and oddly we have someone called JAKe listed but i can't find anything Doctor who related to him via that name sadly.
  19. Okay so the latest update has yielded some new guests of the Doctor who variety. firstly we have MyAnna Buring, who in the Series played Scooti Manista in the Series 2 episode "The Impossible Planet", as such the Releases are either a Complete Series 2 of Series 2 Volume 4, she's only their on the Saturday and will cost £20 for an autograph. Next on the artist front we have Stephen Baskervile who did ink work for two comic stories "Seaside Rendezvous" and "Who's that Girll" along with having done work on two games those being "Evacuation Earth" and "Return to Earth" he's attending both days but doesn't have a listed price. David Leach is next, he wrote two comics those are "In the Dog House" and "Second thoughts" again he's both days but no price listed. on a note is apparently our next guest Simon Bisley, has contributed in a unique way, his designs influenced the beast from "The Satan Pit" so thats a purely your discretion choice, and i'm torn, like before a Complete Series 2 or a Series 2 Volume 4, personally i'm torn on if i will get my copy signed or not, hes on both days. and lastly we have Gary Erskine who did art work for "Prisoners of time" Volume 1, and thats all i can find on him, again he's on for both days but no price is listed. thats all i have for this Update so a few more although most are out of my collectors range atm.
  20. With a lack of any updates and i will repost this info closer to the time, but heres what for the July con next year. Ernie Hudson who many will know best as Winston Zedmore from the Ghostbusters franchise appeared in an episode of the fourth Series of "Torchwood" dubbed "Miracle Day" playing the character of Stuart Owens in the episode "the middle men" essentially one of the most pop culturally biggest guests on what would end up being one of the most ill received seasons of the "Torchwood" series (Personally i loved Miracle Day but thats me), at this time i've no idea what he will cost for an autograph.
  21. Update: Marina Sirtis has cancelled on this con and won't be attending until next year so no go for her this time around.
  22. to bad Ron Conrad wasn't there as well he would have been great to also get featured.
  23. Never wrong having something Unique, i for example have the only copy of "Shada" signed by Shirley Conrad, as she was cast, and due to film scenes prior to the scene shifters strike, she praised me as she put it "Doing your homework" digging up that fact, she had no objections to signing she just wanted to make sure i was happy with it, shes a rare signer i believe and as i said must be a one of a kind copy.
  24. Well Update, as like the idiot i am i forgot to check one of the names, and this one may be under some peoples radar, but Marina Sirtis who many people best know as Counsellor Deanna Troi from Star Trek, turns out she did an Audio set, that being "The Year of Martha" as a character called Karen, i've not listened to it but i'm gonna pick that up for that very reason of course, as i would recommend others do, any further update and i'll post.
  25. Come to think of it over the over years i've been sara Powell is the only one from Londons Burning i've seen (Aside from Catherine Tate who had an early role in a Season 7 episode making that the only other role aside from Donna i don't hate) its strange from what i know none of them are ashamed of the roles they played especially as it was so popular for so long kept them all in work for at least 3 years (14 being the most with Glen Murphy) and a lot of them have appeared in a lot of big productions that would have been seen by the general public, which is why some of them i'd love to have appear at cons for both that show and Doctor who, because i can tell you James Marcus would be signing 3 things straight away, those being "Londons Burning" Series 1-3 where he played Station officer Sidney Tate and the two Doctor who stories he did being "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" and sadly enough for a man of his talent "Underworld".
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