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  1. As much as I established the no mentioning other Cons rule I’ll keep it brief but winter May be busy as there is at current a boycott against a convention for prices as it happens meaning more people may attend showmasters in November
  2. Okay so we did get one from the many bond females announced this evening and surprise, surprise she was in "The Spy Who loved me", Caroline Munro was in the Big Finish Audio "Omega" which was apart of a trilogy that led up to the 40th Anniversary Story (But unrelated) she is attending on the Sunday and is £20.
  3. Three Bond guests from the top of my head which would be great to get as they were in Doctor who in same stage or capacity, Timothy Dalton who was of course Rassilon in "The End of time" (And was the bond in the best bond film "License to Kill"), Samantha Bond who was in The Sarah Jane Adventures and also "Scapegoat" for Big Finish i believe, and then Pamela Salem who did "Robots of Death" so a great one to pair with Brian Croucher and then was in "Remembrance of the Daleks" and has continued to do Big finish with around 8 series of Audio, not a bad deal off a four week job. the only other five i can think of off the top of my head who were in Bond, four of which are dead, those being George Baker (Logan in "Full Circle"), Jeremy wilkin (Kellman in "Revenge of the Cybermen"), Cyril Sharps (Many roles including Viner in "Tomb of the Cybermen") and Shane Rimmer (Snakeeyes Harper in "The Gunfighters", probably better known as Scott Tracy, also whilst researching this bit turns out Thunderbirds crossed over with Doctor who in an episode of that show), Edward De Souza is the only one i can think whose alive even if he's 90, he was Marc Cory in "Mission to the Unknown" so if they got him it would go on my copy of "The Daleks Masterplan" CD and then my Lost in time, ironically all 5 of those actors were in "The Spy Who Loved me" small world that i guess, undoubtedly pat gorman was probably in the film somewhere he got everywhere. there are probably loads of others that were in bond... OKAY I GOTTA REMEMBER TO DO MY RESEARCH so i just remember that Frazer Hines did a voice role in "You only Live Twice", like how do i forget such things, Anthony Ainley was also in the film as a british police officer, Burt Kwok, (Side note Richard Marner from allo Allo), again Shane Rimmer, im gonna leave it there because the more i think the more it comes back to me and we'll be here all day. Bernard Horsefall was in "On her Majesty's secret service" and that one stings because he died and i would have loved him on "Planet of the Daleks". thats it, thats it i promise.
  4. Their is a lot of overlap especially Timothy Dalton, whose the only one who comes to mind
  5. Firstly lets address that this update is late and i have posted since, i am so sorry for this, i have been at work, and whilst the details arent relevant, one person has just quit and another has more than likely been fired so hours have needed filling so i'm sorry in the delay. the first of the guests announced today is Simon Bisley, Bisley's relation to Doctor who is actually extremely loose, for the reason he never worked on the show, however in 2006 his artwork was used as inspiration for the beast in the series 2 episode "The Satan Pit" work for which he was paid £50 and to which he discovered via said payment, i met him last year and honestly he is such a lovely man, he signs for free and my signature on the complete series 2 is the first Doctor who related signature he has ever done, i have a photo for proof which i will post later once i can upload it, for his signature you will need either Series 2 Volume 4 or a copy of the complete Series 2. next we have Jeff Cummins who did the artwork for many Target Novelisations from 1975-79 including "The Mutants", "The Talons of Weng-Chiang", "The Face of Evil", "The Horror of Fang Rock", "The Three Doctors", "The Tomb of the Cybermen", "Invasion of the Dinosaurs", "Robot", "Colony in Space" and "The Time Meddler" it is worth noting that many of these covers are the first prints only with the exception of the very last one where it was both Editions. other cover works include the Virgin New adventures, "Blood Heat", "The Dimension Riders", "Conundrum", "Tragedy Day", "Theatre of War", "All-Consuming Fire", "Sky Pirates!" and "Warchild" he is a wonderful and lovely man so i'd recommend meeting him i need to get a new book for his signature as the ones i own already have his signature. next is one i'm a little unsure on as the name has been cross referenced but whilst the name does have two doctor who connections i'm unsure if they're one in the same, IE Stu Mackay who attending as an Artist has done some doctor who artwork for his own personal use not official BBC, but there is a Stuart Mackay who is credited for two episodes of the series "Turn Left" and "A Christmas Carol", i don't know if they're the same person as i can't find any info to neither confirm of disprove the fact, I'm already planning to take my copy of Series 4 with me so i will ask him and if he is the same, i will update this forum in case anyone else wishes to meet him for said reason, assuming i have no conformation either way prior.
  6. The way I see it is keep with the rules established, with a previous reference I went under the established assumption that because said company had a booth at LFCC it was within reason and someone said they’d allow it, but I don’t wish to push that luck. so unless we get any confirmation I’m not gonna mention them
  7. Okay so I’ve just checked this site and apparently it’s not allowed, although said rules haven’t been updated in 20 years so maybe times have changed since I’m unsure.
  8. From what I can tell I have no idea if it is against the rules, I would assume if it was promoting another event over Show-masters that would break TOS, which I don’t think anyone has done on this or other forums, but I’d say best avoid it until we get clarification.
  9. For the sake of Thoroughness the Glynn Jones that has been announced some time back as apart of the Star Wars celebrations for this LFCC is NOT the same Glynn Jones you'd fine associated with Doctor who, that Glynn Jones passed away in 2014, and i'm certain was not a below average height wise person, especially given his appearance in "The Sontaron Experiment" was around 5'8 and looks strangely like Early 90's Johnathon frakes. most people on this forum may know that but incase anyone recognised the name, sad to say it is not the same man.
  10. I'm fortunate in that i am able to take whatever time i want off, 0 hour contracts work wonders, especially as my manager knows that i'm always up to cover shifts, as has already started this week, really i'm just trying to clock in as many hours as i can between now and the end of june for the biggest pay i can get my hands on, LFCCs are some of my most expensive trips, and this will only get worse knowing how good guests LFCC has a track record of nabbing, if anything i wouldn't mind someone who was in "The Invasion" which would so far only land me Wendy Padbury and Sally Faulkner really, but they are names i am most desperate for on said set, then i'd have the 3 regulars (I am including John levene as i am a fan who respects his status, unlike the BBC until it suits them) that are still alive, and the one who was basically a regular in that story, there is likely a large amount of people surviving from that story, but those two are the ones off the top of my head. failing that and looking at my list and there is an extremely healthy ammont of things that would benefit well from a Nicola Bryant signature mainly and basically anything i own from Season 22 DVD wise that is all signed by Colin, hell i've 6 DVDs left to be signed by him and then i'd have to start going through Big Finish, funny how many times i've met him (In-fact writing this i began panicking that i'd gotten William Gaunt on a set he's not in, strange how my brain works), on that note checking the lists and seeing what is to come VIA other events, Prentis Hancock is also one i am most desperately after, specifically for three items the first "Planet of the Daleks", the second and third "Spearhead from Space" the original DVD and then the Steelbook as i would like someone on that thing and he's the only person i can think is still around from said Release.
  11. I'm glad that i'm not being demonised, which really i'd understand if was for that, i try to maintain my professionalism even within my personal life, I have a Doctor who Channel (Not promoting just for context purposes) which is a work in progress but i wanna make something of it, so really whilst i've had my laugh at someone who has been rude and arrogant towards me not being financially smart enough to save the money to meet someone, i hate that aspect of myself, but really i cannot wait to meet Matt Again i loved the last time as that weekend was one of the best cons i've been to, 5 doctors in a single weekend was amazing. I don't imagine they'll get another modern series Doctor for this event i would like Capaldi myself but he seems to be working a lot as it happens, again Tom Baker would be nice but again he would be a bigger request than not, i think the common theme here is that the majority of Doctor who guests will be saved for Winter, and Matt Smith is here for House of Dragon purposes with Doctor who just being a lucky strike in terms of how things are playing out, looking at the Doctor who Guests announced there are very few that i would conceivably say are there for Doctor who reasons, my guess is Showmasters does have a quoter to fill with needing some from certain fan-bases IE Doctor who and Star wars, but obviously they focus on the big thing atm, which is House of Dragon, so the majority of Doctor who guests we're likely to see will be from there, and anyone who was in Return of the Jedi as well, which won't hail any big names from the latter, but maybe some smaller ones, which i understand aren't everyones cup of tea.
  12. Personally i'm gonna go for diamond pass again i wanna meet him again and hopefully do it properly this time as last time i got there later in the day, so didn't get a moment, and of course i have a more petty reason as someone whom my terms with are not great can't afford to secure a signing, whilst i can so i do plan to rub that fact in their face a little, petty yes, but damn has this raised the price of this trip tenfold.
  13. This is a big one, which is amazing given its taken this long to give us such a guest for Doctor who fans in this year, and we were given Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, for him you'll need copies of Series 5, 6 or 7, the individual volumes of such series, "The Day of the Doctor", the 50th anniversary Box-set, or "the time of the Doctor", at least those are the obvious ones, "The End of Time" either standalone or apart of the Complete Specials or Series 8 to which he appears are also available, he is £110 for an autograph and is on the Saturday only. but i would recommend that you go for a diamond pass which is £235 as he is extremely popular as you can imagine for me i'm going to get "The Day of the Doctor" from the 50th boxset signed what about you guys.
  14. It’s the same with Jessica Martin she obviously does a lot of Doctor who, but is here as a Comic Artist, which if I recall she hasn’t really done that much Comic work
  15. So there was an update today and amongst the latest wave of Comic Artists, we have been given the announcement of Claudia Christian, who has a sole apperance in Big Finish namingly entry number 86 "The Gathering" as Janine Foster the mother of Peri Brown (Ironically Nicola Bryant is actually 5 years older) its her sole credit and shes appearing on the Saturday only, no price listed but i'd recommend £10 to be on standby. Ironically Claudia adds the 25th Item to my list of things to get signed, i'm still very hopeful for more guest announcements.
  16. I saw that yeah, what i didnt see was this notification.
  17. So far none of my guests are exclusive to the Friday, they're either Saturday, Sunday or appearing everyday, i still plan to do all three days as really i enjoy my time at these conventions, i'm excited for my list so far, the amount of smaller guests is great and i can get a few for the newer series, hell i've even 5 for Big Finish, which is amazing and probably a record as i believe the previous number was 3.
  18. That’s fair I’ve not encountered a guest who I haven’t anything left to sign yet, but that is coming up real quick, especially given the increase of events I’ve been attending. I think so far I’m doing well with everything as I’m at 18 for LFCC which is me being satisfied there will likely be more but I don’t think I’d be upset, I may even be able to get an extra signature or two as a result.
  19. so whilst today's big update didn't yield any doctor who guests in itself, the smaller guest announcements brought us two, infact a husband and wife duo as it happens. firstly we have Michael Brandon, who on screen appeared in "The Stolen Earth" as General Sanchez of UNIT , so for that you'll need either Series 4 Volume 4, or a copy of The Complete Fourth Series, but he does have some audio credits to his name, for the Big Finish Main range we have entry 141. "Lurkers at Sunlights Edge" as CP Doveday and from "Jenny: The Doctors Daughter", he is in "Calamity Jenny" the third story from the Second Boxset "Still running", so a nice amount of variety to chose from, he is appearing on the Sunday Only and is £20. Next we have his partner in crime, so to speak, Glynis Barber, who whilst only doing voice work in audios does have a nice selection, first she was Kathy Blake in the fourth Doctor adventures story 8.1 "The Sinestran Kill" and then as Nicholaa de la Haye in "The Outlaws" the first adventure from the First Doctor Adventures boxset "The Outlaws", so two stories to chose from, like her husband she is appearing on Sunday and is £20. so my choices are going to be the Series 4 boxset for Michael as i have a few on that set already, and then for Glynis i'll be going for "the Outlaws" as i happen to already have that set and it does save me from having to buy something, what about you guys? *i feel that i'd be signing my name on the death warrant if i don't mention that Barber did also do Blakes 7, i've not watched that and i have no plans to.
  20. So i went back and forth over this one, i do try and keep this and other forums as accurate as i can, something which is often difficult with Comic Guests unless they have a more easy to pin down connection, a lot of the guests who have purely worked on Comics are harder to nail because keeping track of the overall list is unreasonable, and this is comic from someone who cross references so much that i managed to locate two guests from names and research, and as is known in the community the Magazines especially the older ones are much more tricky to find compared to the likes of the DVDs, Blu Rays, CDs or even the older books, as i could mention the writer from a magazine from 1987 and the odds are that magazine would be impossible to find, so which is why i try to avoid adding them unless their signatures can be added to a DVD or CD. this brings me to this entry Mark Buckingham, again a comic writer with no direct connection to the TV series, but one of his comics "Planet of the Rain gods" for which he was the artist was later adapted as "Rain Gods" a mini episode that is featured on The Complete Seventh Series, whilst i have debated if that is enough, via a technicality would make him a storyboard artist on said mini episode, therefore i'm adding him to this forum for Fellow Doctor who fans to enjoy, he is attending every day of the con, but again this one is so incredibly loose that even I may not get it, he doesn't have a price listed. i would of course love to hear everyone's thoughts on this one, would you say this is too loose a connection or would you deem it strong enough?
  21. In anticipation of Friday's announcement we have a handful of comic related guests one with a strong connection to the TV series and another Big Finish audios. firstly we have Mike Collins who along with a hefty number of Comic credits, has done storyboard work across 3 series of the TV Series, so if you want his signature on those, you'll need The Complete Ninth Series, The Complete Tenth Series, "Twice Upon a Time" and The Complete Eleventh Series, whilst he didnt storyboard all of the episodes in these series, he did the majority of Series 10, he is appearing every day and is £10 for his signature from memory. Next we have Tony Lee, who is another comic writer with a large number of credits to his name but he's also a a small number of Big Finish audios to his name, from the Bernice Summerfield Series we have "Private Enemy No.1" from the first boxset and "Vesuvius Falling" from the Third Box set, with his Main range story being number 148 entitled "Rat Trap", hes appearing all days but i don't know his price as last time i had no money to get the CDs in time. for me i'm going for Series 9 for Collins and i plan to get "Rat Trap" to be signed by Lee, so thats around 4 CDs i've had to get for this one con alone... oh god, what about everyone else.
  22. Peter Miles is what i'd consider a grail of a signature given he only did 3 stories so i'm on the hunt for a signed copy of a story if i can land it, so i'm gonna have to avoid getting my copy of "Doctor who and the Silurians" signed for as long as possible until i can find one.
  23. I'm on a 0 Hour contract so i can take whatever time i want really, but i only get 28 days i think off paid time off, with the pay depending on how many hours i put in which is usually around 120-160+ a month tbh, so my pay is never dreadful, i would hope it balances out i'm at 14 guests with 21 items for signing myself so its not too bad a show and thats only 6 guests i've met prior, so not the worst turn out, and i do like it when cons give me a reason to get something new for them, assuming i have enough time to do so, and the item isn't unreasonably expensive. I'm sure there will be more guests announced i'm feeling more confident about it, however what i'm more worried about is if they bring back a certain guest who i know will cause another crowd issue, maybe we were over spoiled by the appearance of 5 doctors last November, that to me has been the high point of conventions LFCC or otherwise. so far the one i think i'm excited to meet so far from July LFCC is Mike Stevens, he will be joining a good number of Covers with a fantastic array of names, specifically my lost in time project as i refer to it, currently that only has 7 names signed to it, but by the time July roles around Stevens will likely be name number 10, i do enjoy building up covers with more names, i joke that theres not much cover left, as is the case with my Series 7 which with the addition of Michael Jenn will be at 10 itself, i'm gonna need to work out where he can go TBH, as i wanna keep a space on the outside for Karen Gillen on the rare off chance, but i don't want to move to the inside just yet (Again the choice of not having interior art is a disappointment), but even then with really signed covers, Mcoy, Cornell and Cartmell will push "Delta and the Bannermen" to 11 names, and thats a singular story. if anything i would like to maybe see someone who did a wide variety for some choice, even then their Birmingham con isn't lacking at all, as my list for that is sound as it is, but if i was to give a name rn Geoffrey Beavers would be brilliant, i'd get him on two things "The Ambassadors of death" (Where his character was tragically named Private Johnson, i wonder if his first name was richard?) and "Light at the end" given the work i'm putting into that set, but i guess if i wanted another Classic doctor, want is Tom Baker who is the outside chance, the inside chance is Peter Davison, i havent seen him be anywhere with Colin and Sylvester in a while, i can't remember if they were all on the same Day at this show or not last year, but if LFCC can get him that'll be the latest in the many things they've done better, (A very long list that is), i do remember they had him announced a year or two ago alongside Janet Fielding but then he was cancelled within 36 hours i think, they've since had Janet but not Peter.
  24. So after a notably late delay lets finally cover the updates. first we have Jessica Martin who many would remember as Mags from "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", she also appeared in voice form as the Queen (GOD BLESS HER) in "Voyage of the dammed", she also appeared numerous times in audio form for Big finish, namingly the audios "Signs and Wanders" from the main range and then "Last of Colophon" for the Fourth Doctor Adventures, but she did return to the role of Mags for a trilogy of stories where Alan Barnes decided to make her a companion, these stories are "The Monsters of Gokroth", "The Moons of Vulpana" and "An Alien Werewolf in London", if you remember the Spring con which hosted Victoria Yeates she was in the former of the trilogy, so maybe like myself you'll be getting that entry signed, shes appearing across the event, but she hasn't a price listed from experience she is £15. next we have Adrian Rawlins, who has a nice variety of Doctor who credits, on screen he was Ryder in "Planet of the Ood", so you'll need either a series 4 volume 1 or a Complete Series 4 boxset, he has a few audio credits such as "Antillia the lost" from the 4th Doctor Adventures, and then a reoccurring role as Frederick Abberline in the 7th series of "Jago & Litefoot", of course outside of Doctor who he may be better known as James potter from the Harry potter Series or Nikolai Fomin from Chernobyl, hes attending Sunday and is £15. lastly we have Michael Jenn, who was Clearance DeMarco in the series 7 finale "The Name of the Doctor" now i was surprised to see how many releases this actually has, as for options who have Series 7B Part 2, The Complete 7th Series, the 50 Anniversary boxset and the latter steelbook release, which means i'm running out of space on my copy of Series 7, he is attending Saturday and is £15 for his autograph. Now i ask the question to everyone what will you be getting signed by each of these guests with the variety presented, as even the single credit actor has a nice variety in choice.
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