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  1. By all means I still need to get McCoy on one of my rarer items and that’s “Battlefield” which has Aldred and Nicholas Courtney on it, i didn’t have the funds at spring but it’s on the list and amazingly I do need him on my Dalek Collection set as I have a ton of big names for that set such as Davison, Ford, Leeson and Aldred but I don’t have McCoy hell I even have Eric Saward but not McCoy
  2. Even tho i'm unlikely to be listing the Milton Keynes guests here as that would be confusing Tony Robinson did flag up for Doctor who, as being mentioned in a Eighth doctor adventure book
  3. well Showmasters just got a big one (Who hasn't done Doctor who) and all i can say is wow i actually really wanna meet him, like i never expected sir Tony Robinson, and i've checked his price he's really cheap only a single Turnip, although its for Milton Keynes in september
  4. By all accounts i've not cross checked what they've worked on together, but i know if you took the season 26 boxset both could go on there as that has "The Curse of Fenric" and "Survival" the only story Wayne worked on. also when i was cross referencing names and things last night (Which took some time as i had to do it manually) i saw that Tony lee was flagged for another CD, but strangely i couldn't find any info on him being involved not in the CD booklet or any website.
  5. All depends on availability and if Showmasters would like to book him or not, they’ve been expanding their horizons as of late with non actors or stunt persons so possibly
  6. So notable update I've found a source that states that Mike Collins has did storyboard work on "The Star Beast" so he can be attached to the 60th anniversary specials.
  7. So i was just running some more background checks on a few of our already announced guests to see if i could dig up anymore credits and i discovered Wayne Michael's and Tracey Eddon are married how wonderful for the both of them.
  8. So in a personal update I've made a few alterations to my list, namingly that I've finally ordered DWM 135 (Along with 131-134 in a bundle) for Geoff Senior and Simon Furman to sign, and I've taken Colin Baker off of "The Macra Terror" Steelbook and reassigned him over to The Davros Collection as i'd prefer to have more names on that set as i want to build up the larger combo, i've also remove "The five Doctors" from Paul Cornell as i feel the amount of items i have is already beginning to take the mick so i'll take it off, and my current plan is that if i have a spare £30 or someone (god forbid) cancels i'm gonna put McCoy on the set as well, and if i do have an Extra £20 on top of that (Or maybe even the other way around) gonna get Lee Ingleby on "Terra Firma" as i can imagine he will be a one and done. Fingers crossed for more guests obviously and really it would be awesome for more older ones hoping for some 60's 70's guests as we have 6 from that period but still want more.
  9. Oh I was just amazed there was no Doctor who connection or even a sketch given that two prolific Doctor who Actors did rainbow, that was on DVD Blu Ray but it’s good you’ve got another for your list by all means.
  10. But we’re not being negative if I can’t find any connection I say I can’t, if I can find one I mention it, the only negativity I’ve ever spoken on this forum is towards actors in the likes of Bruno Langley who by all accounts are criminal ETC, or as I more recently mentioned another event full stop getting a real life stalker. sometimes we mention questionable practices either of Showmasters or otherwise maybe even voice genuine concern but we’re never negative towards someone because they’ve not done Doctor who, maybe I’ve stated my shock they haven’t done it especially if the years and type of career they’ve had overlaps, but that’s it
  11. Another 2 announcements but nothing on the radar, one has the same years and occupations but no overlap, can't even find something that would be bonus feature comic material in the same vein as that Basil Brush show segment appearing on "The Mind robber" DVD
  12. Lets just say not all con attendees are level headed normal individuals who seem to understand that its a literal child actress. and yeah i get the publicity but its gonna be mostly if not all negative i don't get what they're thinking whatsoever.
  13. on a more light hearted note i have paid for the remainder of my photos meaning my list is: Maureen O'Brien Peter Purves Maureen/Peter Duo Garrick Haggon Nisha Nayar Lee Ingleby Claire Higgins Matthew Needham Susan Twist and i've also had to order a second Photo album because mine is now going to be filled up, would have been great had David Bradley not cancelled of course.
  14. that seems reasonable and respectable, i can imagine her parents or at least a strongly trusted guardian will be with her at all times, Selfies will 100% be prohibited and their will likely be an extra member of staff or two given her age. and yeah it was a questionable choice given she is known for being a stalker which apparently she's never denied nor swayed the idea away from her which does make me wonder who the hell thought that was a good idea, makes me grateful that Showmasters has a sense of morality, IE child actress only 3 hours per day to not stress her out, Actor currently in the public eye for a serious case of misconduct drop them from the line up, more events need that moral integrity
  15. I mean being that guy doesn't this break some form of child labour law of some description, i mean what are the ethics of this, i understand she's in a massively popular series and show but surely at the same time maybe don't book a literal child actress. still no where near as bad as that event who booked the real life stalker from Baby Reindeer mind you but it would take a lot to sink that low.
  16. That is probably one of the best questions asked, I mean she’s likely not going to be able to sign throughout the entire day and that means rushed as all hell, and let’s be honest a lot of con attendees etiquette isn’t the greatest at the best of times.
  17. 4 guests announced none of use for this forum
  18. Whole host of guest announcements comic book wise and 0 Doctor who ones guess some days we win others no. still want Lee Sullivan and Jeff Cummins for comic guests tho because they’re awesome
  19. Personally no tribute or Obituary a fan like myself can give will ever measure up to the passing of a Titan of Doctor who.
  20. I just checked and it’s William Thomas apparently as he was in “Remembrance of the Daleks” Part 2 and then did “Boom Town” for Series 1, and then went on to be Gwens Dad in Torchwood (who ironically did get mentioned in Doctor who)
  21. William Russell (19th November 1924 - 3rd June 2024) Russell Enoch was best known to the world professionally as William Russell an actor who came to fame thanks to his titular role as Sir Lancelot in "The Adventures of Sir Lancelot", however following a small but notable role in the 1963 iconic "The Great Escape", Russell found himself cast as Ian Chesterton in what was at the time a show that from many saw little faith, 60 years later Doctor Who has defied expectations again and again. one of only 5 actors from the 1960s to appear in every episode from their introduction til their departure Russell saw a continuous work streak of 37 weeks in what can be argued as the true leading man role of the show within his first year on the show alone, before choosing to dedicate his own time to pre film scenes for his planned absence, and repeating this for his week break during the shows second season, departing in Season 2's "The Chase", although their were 2 occasions where the actor and character were nearly brought back within the Classic series these never came to fruition. 1999 saw the return of "The Lion" the first episode of "The Crusade" to commemorate this special occasion Russell returned to the screens of Doctor who fans to record links, uniquely stepping back into the shoes of Ian to talk to the viewer about his travels, then 23 years later he returned one last time as Ian in "The Power of the Doctor" for a cameo setting a world record between appearances at 57 years, he returned to the role several times for audio either as a narrator for Target Novelisations and then for Big Finish first as Lord Darzil Carlisle in the Peter Davison story "The Game" before becoming Ian again and even playing the role of the First Doctor several times, he was portrayed by Jamie Glover in "An adventure in space and Time" where Russell himself cameo-ed as Harry the Traffic Warden. During many interviews Russell spoke fondly of his time on Doctor who, the fans and his Son Alfred Enoch who himself became an actor of notoriety appearing as Dean Thomas in the oft Celebrated Harry Potter Series, to whom he is survived by along with his wife Etheline Lewis whom they were married 40 years and 3 other children (From his first wife) although they are not in the public eye so i cannot confirm if they are alive and respect their wish for privacy.
  22. Oh i didn't see that bit does that mean Colin Spaull has been dethroned as the first person to be in both Classic and New series?
  23. So we do have another one. Nisha Nayar to british audiences is best known for her work in Tracey Beaker, however i have less interest in that than my own mental health, so for Doctor who fans she's more well known as Female Programmer from the series 1 finale "Bad Wolf"/"The parting of the Ways" which saw out the ninth Doctor, other roles for the franchise include audio apperances in "Harvest of the Sycorax" from "Classic Doctors, New Monsters" opposite fellow Attendee Sylvester McCoy, and a two turn stint in "Torchwood One", two roles in "The War Master" entries "Runtime" and "Manhunt" along with "Donna Noble: Kidnapped" entry "Spinvasion". Miss Nayar is attending on the Saturday of the event and is £20.
  24. Looks like i'm getting closer and closer to getting a photo with Susan Twist, given they're actively referring to her within the show now, so yeah regular, ergo photo.
  25. From what I can tell she is doing all 3 days most comic based guests tend to as for them It’s publicity for their works
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