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  1. Loved my guest experiences from when I attended on Saturday: Tom Ellis - Met him quite early for a photoshoot. The people ahead of me weren’t getting hugs, just one arm around the shoulders and I’m a very huggy person. Also my friend who came with me, it was her first convention, she was only there to see Tom and I knew she wanted a hug too. So stepped up to him with my arms out “Can we hug?” “Of course!” However, with me being just 5ft in heels and him being 6ft 3, it was a challenge He said to me after “I was afraid I was going to crush you! “ I’m thinking “Crush away love!” Everyone thereafter got hugs too including my friend so mission accomplished. When I met him for an autograph, he’d just got a pint of beer, takes a swig of it, looks up at me “I’ve got beer on my nose haven’t I?” “Yes, you have Tom Ellis!” Thinks to self, should I offer to lick it off? No, don’t say that to him! Discussed the heat instead whilst fanning myself wildly and he said it was all worthwhile to meet us lovely people. Left autograph desk grinning like an idiot Tom Felton - Was absolutely lovely although got the distinct impression he’s quite shy which is fair enough when you’re meeting complete strangers. He took great care and attention over his autograph and I still hugged him properly during the photoshoot which he didn’t appear to mind. Hope not anyway! Alfie Allen - I met Alfie for a photoshoot on The Iron Throne. He was a really sweet guy. I’d taken my heels off by this point so once I’d sat properly on the throne and leaned into Alfie, I was having a few problems reaching the floor so I had to scooch forwards a bit but it doesn’t look too bad in the photo. The Iron Throne is more comfortable than it looks, I could quite happily curl up in it for an evening. Manu Bennett - Another absolute gentleman, was still struggling in my heels to reach “chest area”, he was very cuddly for the photoshoot. We release, he looks at me and starts stroking my head. It felt so nice I just let him get on with it but was wondering what he was up to. I go get photo and realise I had a tiny bit of hair out of place - Manu was sorting my hair out for me by smooshing it down. What a guy! He was equally charming at the autograph table. I think because he appreciates and sorts out women’s hair issues, he is my favourite Ian Somerhalder - was projecting love at everyone at about 1000 megawatts which was incredibly overwhelming but very enjoyable. Gave great hugs in the photoshoot and was totally worth the 3 hour wait for the autograph as he seemed genuinely interested in all who visited his table and made conversation with people plus gave more hugs and kisses. I did look into his eyes and knew I shouldn’t have as it was then a case of “What’s he asking me? Have I had a good day? I don’t know, what’s my name???” Fairly sure I actually skipped away from the autograph desk on Cloud Nine, any sense of dignity gone. Have now set myself the challenge if I ever see him again, to try and hold an intelligent conversation with the man and not get sucked into his gorgeousness.
  2. @wjbleming Epic Titanic pose. I hope you uttered the classic line “Jack, I’m flying!” in a breathless voice as he held you
  3. I’ve shared my photos and autos on my FB page and Instagram - they’ve been very popular posts with my friends and work colleagues. Best comments were “Did they have to call security to get you off them?” (No, I was very good - hug, photo, leave) “Couldn’t you pack Ian Somerhalder in your overnight bag and bring him home?” (Kidnapping is a criminal offence but god, I was tempted) Seeing actors at a convention feels similar to seeing famous singers/bands at a concert and people get just as excited over that so I’m not sure why some don’t get it. For concerts, you pay exorbitant prices and certainly don’t get as close as we do to the main stars. Concerts even have the cosplay equivalent as every one I’ve been too, there are people dressed up as the lead singer. It’s amusing though...you say to someone I went to see Coldplay in Cardiff “OMG, that’s brilliant.” You say I went to a film convention and hugged several well-known actors “You did what?!” So many have just never heard of it. I like to think conventions are a growing phenomenon and it’s just the way actors and actresses can connect with their public, the same way singers and musicians connect with theirs at concerts.
  4. So Saturday photoshoots were fun. God, I wish every weekend could be like this! Tom said to me after “I was afraid I was going to crush you.” I’m thinking “Crush away!” I felt there was less risk of fainting in Ian’s photoshoot as I wasn’t tall enough to look into his eyes Noted what Queen S said earlier in the thread, I’ve made peace with the fact that a photo of me may get to go to France before I do With the lovely Tom Felton Manu Bennett was probably my favourite as he fixed my hair for me after this shot (little bit sticking up ) I wondered why he was stroking my head afterwards but just let him! I really appreciate actors who understand women’s hair problems. It’s like my respect for Chris Pratt shot up when I discovered he could hold an interview and do a perfect french braid at the same time. I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan so to sit on The Iron Throne with Alfie Allen by my side was a dream come true. Thank you so much Showmasters!
  5. Whoop. Here’s the rest of them...Tom Ellis, Manu Bennett and Ian Somerhalder. I could only attend on Saturday but I’m so pleased with these.
  6. As I’ve never posted a picture on a forum before, I’m doing a test. It’s a lovely Tom Felton autograph. Can anyone see this? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??
  7. Completely loved Ian Somerhalder. He was ultra cuddly in his photoshoots and totally worth the 3 hour wait on Saturday for the autographs. Our queue had basically wilted to the floor as time ticked on. Around 6.20 the crew had to get us on our feet and get us ready for him but when he arrived it turned into an Ian concert! He stood on the table and gave a speech about how grateful he was we had all waited, blew kisses to the crowd and we were all whooping and hollering with wild abandon When I met him, I made the fatal mistake of looking into his eyes and then my brain had trouble forming cohesive thoughts. I answered his questions as best I could but I was far too distracted by how pretty he was Then I ran away as fast as possible ‘cause I had a train to catch. My friend also fell in love with him - and she didn’t even meet him! The IS effect is something to behold. I would definitely pay to see him again.
  8. Agreed, Manu was brilliant. I met him first for a photo, had a big hug and didn’t realise I had a small bit of hair out of place. After the photo, he started stroking my head - which surprised me but I just let him and what I realised after was that he was sorting my hair out by smooshing it down. I think I love him for that! Met him later for an autograph and he put thought into what he wrote, was quite artistic about the whole thing and was very charming. Definitely one of my favourites, if he ever returns I highly recommend meeting him!
  9. I spent 3 hours in Ian’s autograph queue today for diamonds. His pm photo session overran by a very long time so instead of starting signing just after 4, he only got to the start of the afternoon diamonds at 6.40 pm. He still made an effort to have a quick chat with everyone which was appreciated but I think the crew were having heart attacks! I managed to meet him just after 7pm but then had to run out of the building at top speed to make the last train back to Devon so I couldn’t have cut it finer! Full credit to Ian for being very engaging despite how tired he must have been feeling and the crew around us as they were as supportive as they could be, given the circumstances.
  10. So as it’s just a normal group talk which we pay extra for, if my friend attends with her DP, does she get front row seating or does that not apply for non-diamond talks?
  11. Can I just ask now the updated schedule is out, Tom and Aimee have a paid talk on Saturday at 11.25am but I thought originally this was happening on Sunday as it was extra on the Diamond Pass? Is this schedule confirmed as it’s not listed in the shop yet either for Sat? Many thanks
  12. Hello lovely forum people This will be my first LFCC (very excited ) and have a few questions so hoping you can advise me? 1. I’m attending just on the Saturday all day but from the pre-lim schedule have a photo clash between Ian Somerhalder and Tom Ellis. I have DPs for both - B5 for Ian, B2 for Tom. Both sessions start at 9.30am and Ian’s is shorter so I presume I see the crew at his first and they get me through in time for Tom’s? I’ve heard the shoots move quickly but wasn’t sure if they would get to Ian’s DP B5 within the hour? 2. I’m not the tallest (4ft9.5) and when I meet the 6ft3 Tom Ellis I was wondering if it would look better with a portrait orientation on the photo rather than standard landscape? Can you ask for this before they snap you? 3. I’ve figured out I have to queue at Gate H to get in (if same as last year) but I’ve heard it’s mega busy on the Saturday. What time should I start queuing to make it to my 9.30 photoshoot? I’ve got DPs for guys above and Tom Felton but apart from that, not planning any other guest meets. 4. I arrive in London on Friday afternoon. Is it possible to pick up my 3 DPs that day to save time on Saturday or is that option only available on the Thursday like last year? Many thanks in advance
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