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  1. Dam I don't know then sorry. All I do is click on that button then it lets me pay using my card
  2. when it takes you to the PayPal website, underneath where you put your login/sign up details there is a button that says "pay with credit/debit card" Click that then you can pay with your card through PayPal without having to create a PayPal account. I have been doing this for years
  3. @doctorwhoman No he didn't unfortunately. Wish I had showed him but got a bit star struck when I met Charlie Sheen.
  4. I'm trying to find a frame or something for it, but so far had no luck.
  5. Here is what Val Kilmer did to my Charlie Sheen diamond pass: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wksj20&s=9#.XUSyq6eZNsM
  6. I know where it was before hand, I just think it would have been better to have it closer to the entrance to save people waking all the way round than back again.
  7. The only thing that I had a small issue with was that we had to walk to the other side of the building to collect our diamond passes then walk all the way back to the other side to go in. I thought last year you collected the diamond passes after you showed your tickets to go. Can next year the diamond pass collection be at the same place as you enter please.
  8. I had it round my neck. I wanted it to come up naturally but I don't think Charlie seen it. I wish I had have said about it now. My only regret
  9. Thank you. He provided the best guest experience I have ever had. And the fact he made everyone laugh whilst doing it was even better. Even his security was laughing and asked me to show him the doodled diamond pass. I really hope we find out about this documentary.
  10. This is something I am trying to find out as well, as they filmed my interaction with him. He has such a great sense of humor. As soon as he saw my Charlie Sheen diamond pass he grabbed it pulled it towards him and picked up a pen and drew devil horns and a tail on it. Such a great man that made everyone laugh. He didn't speak much due to his health but everything else more than made up for it. Hope I get to meet him again.
  11. During my Val Kilmer autograph there was a woman dressed as Wonder Woman filming him for a documentary I believe. She filmed my interaction with him as he grabbed my Charlie Sheen diamond pass and started drawing devil horns and a tail on it. Anyone know who the woman was as I would to see if maybe I could get that footage.
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