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  1. Yes, really lovely guy! I didn't have a crush on him beforehand but I do now!
  2. Who were the guys selling the Viking jewellery? I did pick up a card but it's gone missing between leaving on Sunday and unpacking my loot. If anybody knows, it's appreciated! Thanks! :)
  3. I'm an idiot too, I thought it was a little Rose but it's so obvious now
  4. That Punisher shot is amazing, I got Amber to sign that too! :)
  5. I hope it's working now! This is my Chell from Portal (Friday) and my Last Jedi Rey from Sunday
  6. Thanks, FB didn't work (it's too early in the morning so I probably messed up somewhere lol) so I'll try something else :)
  7. I'm having real trouble posting pics, is there anything I could use that's better than photobucket?
  8. I learned that years ago, bouncing straight into work from a convention just isn't doable, of course it depends on if your employers let you book time off! I work nights now so it's not too bad. Back to work Friday for me this week!
  9. I got an Aliens one sheet signed by Bill Hope, Lance Henriksen and Barbara Coles, all 3 commented on how they had not seen that design yet over the weekend. My husband got his special edition DVD of Near Dark signed by Lance too which came out really beautifully so he was pleased with that. I also got a small Expanse poster signed by Wes Chatham signed (SM PLEASE get him back, he was so nice!) but I really wanted a Roci blueprint or a blu ray signed, sadly neither were available (I think the series is due a physical release soon though) and I found a really cool Punisher 10x8 at one of the dealer stalls which I got Amber Rose Revah to sign (who was also really nice!) i decided a while ago that I wouldn't get 10x8s anymore as I have far too many but I couldn't resist that one! of course I got my DP Jason Momoa print signed too!
  10. The only way to get over the post Con blues is to start planning the next one! :)
  11. We never got to meet him, the VQ number didn't get high enough on Saturday and it was impossible to even get near him to check on Sunday so we gave up. We're disappointed but these things happen and we got everyone else we wanted. I'm sure they'll be other opportunities! :)
  12. I have a question if it's ok to ask? I saw a really beautiful assistance dog over the weekend and I'm curious to know what breed it was? I want to say husky as I have one at home (a 12 year old boy husky) but the face was quite pointy compared to my boy. Obviously I know never to disturb a dog when it's working so I didn't go over to ask. I work in an animal home so my attention is always drawn to dogs. I hope it is ok to ask on here! :)
  13. This happens in DVD shops as well, I worked in one of the big HMVs in London for a few years (now sadly closed) and we always knew when there was a small signing in the area because dealers would descend on the store, buy stacks and stacks of dvds, cds etc from one actor/artist, plus ask for what we have out the back and then demand to be served immediately as "I'm in a hurry" and of course because they were spending loads management would bend over backwards for them. One notable instance was one of the Ghostbusters was doing a small event in Soho (that nobody knew about, we usually get a heads up on these things) and as a consequence of greedy dealers, genuine people were coming in for one DVD to take along and left dissapointed because we didn't have anything. Obviously it's not all dealers, but I guess if a lot of money is involved then morals and consideration for others goes out of the window!
  14. I'm sorry that happened to you, I saw a couple of times in various queues that people were pushing in front of people in wheelchairs or on crutches, especially up in the main autograph pit where Sam Neill and the doctors were. I've been doing Cons for years now and it seems like a small minority of attendees have absolutely no consideration for other people & it has gotten worse as the years go on. My mum is in a wheelchair and if that had happened to her I would have been absolutely livid. I hope those people are suitably ashamed of themselves!
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