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  1. Awesome pics, mainly as i'm in them lol. Am in the brown american werewolf in london tee. Was sat with Udo and Mike Christopher having a drink. Really fun day
  2. doh! Lol Exactly. I was gutted i didn't get to meet him at Milton Keynes as it was my deadline for my dissertation at uni so couldn't travel to see him. Well i suppose seeing him is better than not, at least my suspicions were confirmed lol.
  3. If you want my friend has about 10 pictures of you and Udo if you'd perhaps like to frame one above your mantel piece? Can post a link
  4. Haha i asked him about that whilst chatting to him when sat drinking with him. Was asking him how it was working with John Carpenter on 'Cigarette Burns', he said 'John Carpenter is incredibly intelligent and great to work with'
  5. John Landis was great. When i was in the queue waiting to get my AWIL poster signed he had my laughing even then. A couple in front were talking about the Death Race 2000 remake, in which he overheard them talking and jumped in...'I was in that movie, i was the guy that commented on Sylvestor Stallone's black eye then got run over by him. Now they're remaking it...the bastards' Had me in stitches. Happily posed for a photograph and was really fun to chat to. I like a guest that doesn't take themselves seriously and honestly looks like he's enjoying himself.
  6. He was very 'up for it' lol. I was laughing so much at the holding hands with storm trooper and rolling on the floor, my sides were hurting. My friend got some very good pics, so will try and post some.
  7. Stupidly enough i actually turned and said to my friend at one point, 'That guy looks a hell of alot like Neil Marshall!' Dammit!
  8. A friend and I travelled from Manchester to meet quite a few people, but the guest who most made my day was Udo Kier. Everybody i met was great, but Udo was out from behind his table drinking with fans. He was very friendly and so much fun. Invite Udo back to more shows. A big thanks to Mike Christopher who also sat and joined me and others whilst also sharing drinks with udo Kier. Made my Day. Thanks to all the other people i met, John Landis, Tom Savini, John Hurt, Karen Allen...the list is endless. Anyway share your stories if you happened to see anything particulalry different at the lfcc.
  9. I saw the green power ranger at one point and was in complete awe. I loved the power rangers as a kid and the costume was perfect. Well done to the guy wearing it.
  10. Have met Both Julian, Noel and Mike(Naboo) at a signing they did at the Manchester Arndale. All very nice guys, made me grin hearing Naboo call me 'mate' lol. Got the live DVD signed by all 3 as a cool memento.
  11. No can do about the ticket as i am back in manchester now, but word of warning about the trains. There was an accident down between Milton Keynes and London Euston so alot of the trains were awful today. Took me 4 hours to get back to manchester from Coventry due to having to switch. Alot of trains were cancelled and delayed, so be sure to have a back up in case.
  12. the coach journey took about 10-15 mins, so not very long at all. They run roughly every on the hour and every half hour. But just head out about 10 mins before you want to get one and hopefully if its early you won't miss it. But its quick, convenient and free, so not complaints when i used it today. Hope this helps
  13. Well i only went for Bruce. Got my ticket for the virtual queue at about 9.05 and the ticket number was 141. And by the time i got to meet Bruce it was about 10.30-11. So within about 2 hours he'd done over 140 signatures. So considering he signs till 4 then has lunch at some point, you'll have plenty of time.
  14. I agree, i did think it would be way busier, but the virtual queue seemed to work wonders. Especially as everybody there seemed to be grabbing a ticket. But you'll definately get to see him as he was signing till 4pm today, and will be tomorrow, one of the stewards told me.
  15. I travelled down from Manchester on a train at 6.20am this morning just for the sake of seeing Bruce Campbell. Was a pleasure to meet him, and he was very polite and a joy to talk to. Got my Army of Darkness poster signed and then head for home. Anyone else have trouble with trains due to the Milton Keynes crisis?
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