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  1. Breaking bad, Better Call Saul or El Camino!!
  2. Lou BTTF


    Yes!!! Photo shoot booked :) that’s two out of four - come on showmasters, just James Buckley and Simon Bird to go....fingers crossed!!!!
  3. Lou BTTF

    Guest Suggestions

    Lea Thompson, Breaking Bad cast and Better Call Saul cast please!! David Tennant would be nice too - as i missed out this year!
  4. Lou BTTF

    Guest Suggestions

    Lea Thompson or any of the breaking bad cast!!
  5. Lou BTTF

    Guest Suggestions

    Lea Thompson would be amazing! Missed her a few years ago and shes the only one left to complete my BTTF photo shoots!!
  6. Lou BTTF

    Latest Guest Announcement - TATANKA

    Yes!! Amazing guest! One of my favourite wrestlers back in the day. Thanks SM! :)
  7. Lou BTTF

    2018 Anniversaries

    Ooh good shout! Would love to meet any of the cast of BB!
  8. Lou BTTF

    Photoshoot etickets

    We were supposed too, but when i got my pic of Tom Wilson on the Sunday, they said they had run out of them