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  1. Hi, just wanted to give it a try... does anyone know of the Scout Trooper that was walking around on Saturday? Or are they a part of this forum? I was curious where they got their kit from? It looked pretty awesome. cheers!
  2. I took a photo with John Rhys-Davies and he tickled my ear during it which was a bit of a shock but hilarious. And then... meeting John Cleese and having him be in top form was fantastic.
  3. Was very lucky with these as considering going in all I had was a Cleese diamond pass and an afternoon ticket guaranteed. - John Cleese - Benedict Cumberbatch - Matt Lucas - John Rhys-Davies - Sacha Dhawan - who I was very excited to see as my wife and I both loved Outsourced (TV show that lasted one series in the US) - Alan Tudyk to be honest, I got to the point of saying "sure I'd love to chat with these folks and get an autograph, but I don't feel like paying the extra money." The above tapped me out pretty good. Still... it was a great time!
  4. Likewise! It was my first and I had a lot of fun and met some great people. I went by myself and ended up meeting the people around me in every queue and everyone was so nice and interested in each other's experience. It made for a lot of fun and less annoying to be standing in queues for so long. Thanks all!
  5. How long was the line for him? I was curious about getting a VQ for him tomorrow?
  6. thanks. I did read it, but the floorplan wasn't conclusive to me to see if you could at least go to a queue to grab the VQ ticket. Sorry for the question.
  7. Quick question... I checked the FAQ but didn't see this scenario. I was only able to get a Saturday PM entry ticket. Would I be able to show up early to attempt for a VT for Bennedict even though I do not have the morning entry? I know, I know it is a LONGSHOT at best for a chance to even get a signature, but I'd like to give it a go nonetheless. Am I able to get a VT without an entry for the morning?
  8. Can anyone tell me from their experience, if the 8x10 supplied by the show for the autograph is usually a good one or is it best to come with something of your own? I don't have anything else of Cleese, but wondering if it is better for me to go out and buy something or his book to get autographed rather than what is supplied to me at the show... appreciate any input!
  9. looking at the recent schedule, he starts at 10:50am... am I in trouble here or is there some way around this?
  10. just curious if there is anywhere you can go in London ahead of time to pay in cash for certain tickets? or is it all online?
  11. Great. appreciate the input. Like I said, I am new to this and need help managing my expectations. Seems like instead of getting in a queue for both to autograph, it would be better money spent to do a diamond pass for Cleese? would you agree?
  12. Thanks everyone for the tips. I've been looking around at the forums from last year, but not really seeing anything about the photos... I'll keep looking. The person I really want to see is John Cleese and Cumberbatch, but I know that Benedict will be quite busy.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for advice/help on figuring out whether to do the photo shoot or autograph session with a few of the people. From the way I read it, the photo shoot just gives you a professional photo in some booklet, but I am unaware if they will allow you to grab a photo with your phone as well during that time? I just wanted to have my picture digitally as a hard copy would get damaged potentially over time. OR if I get the autograph session, from the way I read it, I may or may not get a picture with the person depending on if they want to do pictures as well and if I do it will be them leaning over a table. Is that correct? It would be up to the discretion of the person, so I might just get the autograph and no picture. Can someone help explain it to me?? Very grateful for your responses and suggestions. Cheers, Ryan
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