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  1. paoloevans

    Who are you meeting!?

    Photo shoots booked with: Lance Henriksen William Hope and the massive one for me....... GONNA MEET DAVID DUCHOVNY! Thank you so much SM!
  2. paoloevans

    Guest Suggestions

    Please can you try... Michael Biehn Sigourney Weaver Lance Henriksen Carrie Henn Paul Reiser William Hope Al Matthews Cynthia Dale Scott Gillian Anderson David Duchovny
  3. Excellent. Keep the Aliens guest coming. Havent met Colette yet....
  4. paoloevans

    Guest Suggestions

    Please try to get Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton back as i missed them last time. Thats all i want SM 😃
  5. Nice One! Signing of my NECA Vasquez please :)
  6. paoloevans

    Guest Suggestions

    Hopefully Lance Henriksen will be back after cancelling last year to join Rolston and Goldstein. Other suggestions would be getting Michael Biehn back and really would love Bill Paxton and any other Aliens cast (have met Jenette Goldstein, Ricco Ross, Michael Biehn and Daniel Cash so far......) Obviously Sigourney, maybe try for London again as I missed her a couple of years ago. Non Aliens people would be Anyone from X Files Wes Studi Yvonne Strahovski Judith Hoag
  7. paoloevans

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    please delete
  8. paoloevans

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Sigourney Weaver David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Noomi Rapace Bill Paxton Lance Henriksen Carrie Henn Michael Biehn Wes Studi Yvonne Strahovski Judith Hoag Thanks!!!