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  1. Latest Guest Announcement - SHANE RIMMER

    YES!!! I missed him in Bournemouth as he only did the Saturday, im over the moon with him thanks SM
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - ELLIE KENDRICK

    shes a great lady!
  3. Guest suggestions

    nightmare on elm street aliens cast 80s classic actors
  4. Guest Suggestions

    now I know this is not gonna happen any time soon but id like to see cholie grace moretz
  5. Guest Suggestions

    how about LOST guests?
  6. Guest Suggestions

    I know this is unlikely but id love to see X FILES cast and more SONS OF ANACHARY.
  7. Guest suggestions

    id LOVE Aliens guests and X files guests. cant wait for this one!
  8. Anymore guests coming?

    if Bournemouth is anything to go by maybe the odd dr who or starwars supporting actor.
  9. I think theres a good chance as I cant see this film con being busy at all right now with the guest line up. he was doing the odd one at LFCC, and im told hes a really nice guy but as QS said you wont know till the day
  10. Question regarding guests

    Bournemouth will most prob be filled with starwars and dr who. it has had some big names for a smaller show. Robert Englund, the Hulk were 2 of my faves. But for the real big ones you will need a yearly trip to LFCC. this will be a great show to take your time in and look around the stalls. so far theres only 1 I want to will go in at 11am on the Saturday and be out by 1
  11. Loudhailers at photo shoot areas?

    Put them in a different area
  12. I have to say that's not a good looking Harley at all! I thought they were going to use one that looks like a screen used one, as you see them a lot more these days since the sons has been around. and looks dark with no back drop. not worth the money, and ive learned my lesion with the group shots and don't do them now. Its a shame that with most posts we spend so much money to only have to admit that we will have to photoshop the pic that was taken my a pro? lol crazy world we live in. im going to stick to the small sm shows and leave lfcc I cant be doing with the stress and is it me or are the prices going through the roof?
  13. The B.I.C has an amazing air con system I place, and has been fixed from last year as it was cutting the power. The talks at Bournemouth have always been free even with the big names there, but they will normally put a post in here if its not. The next 4 weeks should be interesting as they should start filling the guests up for it now LFCC is over.
  14. Pamela Anderson

    they all had blue tshirts on, I did look for a red but none there. I also had so much more to do as getting from 1 photo area to another at the other side of the building was not only painful for me to do being knocked and trying to get through everyone, but a race against time.
  15. id not say they had much security as they were selling the bowie knife, for 29.99 and normal blades that look over 12 inchs long for around 20.00 they were giving them a quick wrap and handing them over. as we don't talk about other events we wont but the guest area had no security over 1 side and a guest could of got hurt. anyway I just wanted to point out that the bag checks that stop you bringing in blades were being sold inside