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  1. Loving her work on the Life is Strange Comics. A must meet for me
  2. This is tempting. I only know her from Captain America. But my friend loves her and would really like an autograph.
  3. Comic Guest Suggestion: Emma Vieceli Claudia Leonardi
  4. I went as Dr. Frank 'N' Furter back in LFCC Spring 2019. If I can't cobble something new together for Summer 2019, I may come as him again. At the moment, I'm think as going as either Deacon St. John from Days Gone or Conner from Detroit: Become Human. Though I have yet to start getting the pieces together. Which of these would you prefer to see?
  5. Gilbert Gottfried Perhaps the only actor everyone would love to have roast or insult them
  6. Seems like this will be a good year for Karate Kid & Cobra Kai fans. Fingers crossed on some more guests from the franchise
  7. The Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki - Leonard Jim Parsons - Sheldon Kaley Couco - Penny Simon Helberg - Howard Kunal Nayyar -Raj Melissa Rauch - Bernadette Mayim Bialik - Amy Kevin Sussman - Stuart
  8. Valorie Curry Katey Sagal Keith Carradine
  9. Jon Cryer Aly Michalka (iZombie) spoke very highly of him when I met her at last years Con.
  10. Jodi Benson. After all, The Little Mermaid has turned 30
  11. True. We have to consider that his health has to come first. But how about this amazing villain actor:
  12. Could it be the greatest villain actor of all time? Probably not but I can only hope!
  13. Outnumbered Hugh Dennis - Pete Brockman Claire Skinner - Sue Brockman Tyger Drew-Honey - Jake Brockman Daniel Roche - Ben Brockman Ramona Marquez - Karen Brockman
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