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  1. Jennifer Jason Leigh (I was an extra in one of her films, haha :P) Ned Beatty Isla Fisher Amy Adams Adrien Brody
  2. ........... Oh, thank God. I did check it a while back and couldn't see them there, though my phone has been acting up a lot lately, not alerting me to notifications etc. Crisis averted, everyone. Nothing to see here anymore... go about your lives, citizens. Thanks, @VikingGrrrl!
  3. I booked some tickets about a fortnight ago for this Saturday at the con - 1 standard entry and 1 diamond pass. I don't recall ever seeing them being sent to my email... I've just checked it again now and they're not in the inbox, spam folder or deleted items. I'm getting a little worried that perhaps they have not been sent and that I may not be able to get them resent in time, if that is even an option. What would be the best way for me to go about contacting someone to try and get this resolved asap, as there is very little time left?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Yeah, I would give a copy of it to them at the autograph session, then bring the signed copy to the shoot. Should I just explain to a staff member when they scan my ticket, or would it need to be to a member of the photography crew? I would literally just be holding the sketch up in front of me.
  5. Is it okay to bring a prop or accessory along to a photo shoot with you? For example, I'm working on a sketch of one of the guests that I'm planning to have printed out and signed by them. Would I be able to bring this print along to the shoot and include it in the photo? Also, what are the rules, if any, on giving gifts to a guest; could I, say, give the guest a copy of my sketch ?
  6. Nice! I've met Lee a couple of times. I'll be sure to stop by his table :)
  7. Diamond Passes - Meat Loaf Photographs - Jewel Staite Autographs - Tony Robinson, Jewel Staite (probably), Jack O'Halloran, Tim McInnerny (probably) -
  8. Just bought my Diamond Pass at the weekend. Trying to decide what to take for him to sign... I'm contemplating my Bat III album, but I'm sure I read somewhere that Meat really doesn't like that album?
  9. Such a shame. I met her in Glasgow a couple of years ago and she was so lovely. Chatted to her about the Edinburgh Film Festival which she was thinking of going to that year. I missed out on my photo with her that year, so was hoping to get one this year instead. RIP.
  10. Hmm, some interesting points. I haven't read through this entire thread so I don't know if anyone else has already suggested this, but given that this year marks the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie, which was largely filmed in London, and given that we're getting Margot Kidder and Jack O'Halloran this year as well.... *maybe* Gene Hackman is on the cards?
  11. Very excited to hear about the announcement of Meat Loaf. I only hope that, given his recent health problems, he will actually be able to attend, and will not have to pull out later on. But of course, his health has to come first.
  12. Aw man, I'm so gutted I can't go this year. Met Michael back in 2014 and he was such a gent. Got him to sign a RD poster and he remarked that he'd never seen it before, and when I mentioned I'd just bought it not 10 minutes previously, he then asked if I'd go back to the stall and buy one for him! Naturally, I obliged, and later in the day when I walked past his table, he looked up and gave me a thumbs up. Top guy. It'd be fun to see him again this year and see if he remembered me!
  13. Unlike all of you, I unfortunately won't make it down this year. I've been there the last 3 years running, but this year isn't possible. So, I'm instead sending down a Superman poster for Terence Stamp and Jack O'Halloran to sign, and a BTTF one for Chris Lloyd and Tom Wilson. That's as close as I'll come to "seeing" anyone this year! I'd have loved to meet them, as well as Tia Carrere.
  14. Summer Glau was such a lovely guest. Really wish I'd bought a frame for the photo I got with her. As for guests.... Mark Dacascos would be an excellent guest. Sandra Bullock too. And, I doubt it would ever happen, but..... Mr T!!!
  15. Craig Baldrick from Blackadder, since he usually has "a cunning plan!" Glasgow Film & Comic Con please :)
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