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  1. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Big day for Fallout, now we need Ron Pearlman. Please?
  2. Law-dono


    It's worth it, trust me. Well maybe not 10.
  3. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Charlie Cox!!!!!
  4. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Agents of shield guests, we need clark gregg.
  5. Law-dono

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    Dont get me started . Though this wee island is looking pretty good this year.
  6. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Considering we're on page 111 of this thread, how about some Fallout 4 voice actors? Bruan T Delaney Courtney Taylor And of course Ron Pearlman.
  7. Law-dono

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    No need to guess where you were today, lucky.
  8. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    This would be great.
  9. A year, BFCC 2014 to BFCC 2015. Since then its been averaging 3-6 months between cons.
  10. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    What about some Inhuman's guests?
  11. Law-dono

    Latest Guest Announcement - IWAN RHEON

    Got my first dp ever, and 'twas for this wonderful man. Couldn't take the chances of not meeting him, one less thing to worry about. So pumped right now!
  12. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Make it so.
  13. Law-dono

    Films watched in 2018

    Solo was great, story was good and the casting was perfect. Overall it might be worth going to see again.
  14. Law-dono

    Latest Guest Announcement - MIKE QUINN

    A much needed auto on the ROTJ poster, yahoooo!
  15. Holy cow yes!!! One of the reasons I like Superman is because of this man, great job SM.
  16. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Some more Firefly guests would be shiny.
  17. Law-dono

    Latest Guest Announcement - MADS MIKKELSEN

    A very cool dude and totally worth meeting.
  18. Law-dono

    Infinity War SPOILER ZONE

    Broke down in tears when I saw his tweet.
  19. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    3rd Gal Gadot
  20. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter will have had both of their Marvel shows aired by LFCC, can we have them?
  21. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Ernest cline and the cast of Ready Player One.
  22. Bring a very tall mirror and put it next to her.
  23. But which Osgood is she? Doesn't matter :), thanks SM.
  24. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    2nd Paul Bettany
  25. Law-dono

    Guest Suggestions

    Elizabeth Olsen