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  1. Anyone have any idea when the next comicon in Newcastle is?? Didnt get a flyer when I left the latest one and nothing obvious on the Arena site.
  2. Didnt get any flyers when leaving comicom re next show which was a surprise. No comicon dates on the arena website.Anyone got any idea of next show??
  3. Wasnt aware of the food restrictions I must admit. Was a throwaway comment on my part. For future reference what are the restrictions re food??
  4. Chaos, death and devastation are much easier to happen when you let people in with guns,swords,bandoleers of grenades etc as witnessed above. Even more so when you can buy more swords and knifes on site. The thrust of the post is that security is not limiting destructive potentiall by these methods. As such this type of security would not have any effect on stopping a nutter with one of the above weapons not to mention a few fully functioning crossbows and longbows also seen at the events If you dont need to hide a sword, gun or crossbow etc it doesnt leave much to hide. Not yet been to a gig, nightclub, or sports stadium that allows guns or swords though, despite living in Newcastle. Only allowed to wander freely around comicon with them so far. Knowing the catering arrangements in Newcastle security could of course be attempting to stem the availabilty of heathy/tasty/inexpensive food options. Without these smuggled items a small mortgage may be needed in order to secure a hot dog on site:-)
  5. Both recent comicons at Newcastle arena I noted lots of people having their bags searched. Started to wonder what they were being searched for considering the ones in front of me contained replica weapons, a baseball bat, bandoleer of grenades and several swords and were allowed in no problem. Any advance on what bags are being searched for would be useful
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    Mmmmmm? Would have to be anyone from the Arrow or Flash for me.