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  1. The waiting is killing me
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Colin meaney
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Defo the its always sunny cast and since Pele last year, why not maradona
  4. Guest Announcement - Thursday @ 7PM

    selma blair would complete the hellboy cast
  5. Guest Announcement - Thursday @ 7PM

    if the eye is a clue id be hoping for kurt russell as one eyed snake plissken
  6. Guest Announcement - Weds 22nd @ 7pm!

    yeah hoping for selma blair, luke gross or anna walton to add to hellboy guests
  7. just get luke gross and anna walton and its great hellboy 2 cast
  8. Guest Suggestion thread

    would love to see Barry McGuigan and Wayne McCullough
  9. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - PELE

    excellent guest, was looking at buying a signed jersey but now ill get to meet the man and get it signed in person. wow cant wait
  10. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    good mix of celebs
  11. this would be great, would luv to meet any of them
  12. william hope and al matthews
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Al Matthews, William Hope, Cynthia Scott all aliens cast and maybe James robinson writer of C3PO comic
  14. ah man absolutely worst news yet
  15. Belfast Date Change

    had a funny feeling this was going to happen
  16. Im going to go with Doug Jones who played Abe Sapien in Hellboy
  17. We're had plenty of reunions without the main character. It's not always possible, but fans still want to meet them. no still holding out hope he'll attend
  18. Dont care it has to be Eddie Murphy, why have all the cast of Beverly Hills Cop without the main character
  19. What about Cory Michael Smith he plays Edward Nygma aka The Riddler in Gotham and that would explain the question mark. Still holding out for Eddie Murphy.
  20. Guest Suggestions

    id really like to know if eddie murphy will be making an appearance